Betty’s Rocky Road Brownies. I’ve been sponsored by The Insiders and Betty Crocker.

Hi everyone. So we started our Betty Crocker Campaign today and my 2 children chose to do the Rocky Road Brownies. This was a very simple recipe to bake and loved spending the time with the children baking. They really got involved in it. They mixed all the mixture together, crushed the digestive biscuits and cut some glace cherries in half. I’m just going to explain our time doing the recipe.


So our Rocky Road Brownies looked slightly different to what the picture shows but they were delicious. The kids loved them and even wanted second helpings.


So the ingredients needed for this are:-

1 box of Betty Crocker chewy chocolate chunk brownie mix. (We had to use the chocolate fudge brownie mix as couldn’t find the chocolate chunk one). Both of these can be purchased at Tesco which is where I bought my ingredients for £2.25 each. I actually used the one I got in my campaign kit.

1 medium free range egg. I purchased a box of 12 medium free range eggs for £1.75 at Tesco.

100ml vegetable oil. I purchased a 1 litre bottle of vegetable oil for 99p at Tesco. 

35ml of water which is approximately 2 tablespoon fulls.

125g of digestive biscuits roughly broken. I purchased a 400g packet of digestives for 40p at Tesco.

100g of halved glace cherries. I purchased a 200g tub of glace cherries for £1.40 at Tesco.

50g white chocolate drops. I purchased a 100g bag of white chocolate chips for 80p at Tesco.

50g dark chocolate drops. I purchased a 100g bag of dark chocolate chips for 80p at Tesco.

40g mini pink and white marshmallows. I purchased a 170g bag of pink and white mini marshmallows for £1.65 at Tesco.

All products I purchased myself were Tesco own brand ones except for the mini pink and white marshmallows which are made by Cake Angels.

I’m now going to give instructions of how to create this recipe.


We got all our ingredients out and ready before commencing this recipe.

First things first you need to preheat your oven to 180°c (160°c for fan assisted ovens)/gas Mark 4.

You then need to grease your brownie tin. We used 2 smaller brownie tins as we didn’t have a big one. We greased the tins with a block of unsalted butter which cost 85p for 250g from Tesco and was Tesco own brand butter. You then need to line the tin with tin foil including the sides of the tin.

I purchased a 15 metres roll of tin foil from Poundland and it was on a special offer for only 70p.



Next you need to mix the egg, oil, water and chewy chocolate chunk brownie mix gently together until well blended (mixture may be lumpy).

Next you need to fold through the digestives (my daughter had fun smashing the digestives up). You also need to fold through the glace cherries. We had to cut our ones in halves as they were whole cherries.

You then need to spread the mixture evenly into the lightly-greased rectangular tin.


Next bake in the centre of the oven for 20 minutes. We set an alarm on my phone for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes you then remove it from the oven and scatter over the chocolate chips and marshmallows.


It’s then back into the oven to continue to cook for 5-10 minutes until the marshmallows have turned golden.


Remove and allow to cool before cutting into slices and enjoying. We left them to stand at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes and when it came to eating them they were still warm.


All in all they were really delicious. A bit sickly but maybe thats because I had second helpings. The children also had second helpings. This was easy to make and the recipe and instructions were very easy to follow.

It’s not expensive to make these. I recommend using supermarket own ingredients along with the Betty Crocker mix. All in all we made 18 slices so quite a lot.

Me and the kids had fun doing this and we look forward to doing our next recipe.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found it informative. I would recommend this recipe especially if like me you have a sweet tooth.

Take care.


I have been sponsored by Betty Crocker and The Insiders for this campaign.






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