Your Baby Box review.

Good afternoon all.

Today I will be reviewing the’your baby box’. This is a box of free samples for babies. You can enter the competition to win one every single day until you win. Each day at midnight 200 winners are chosen. It took about 2 weeks for me to win my one. I was applying for it on behalf of my sister whom was having a baby but very sadly her baby passed away. I have put the box up for her & it will be more than likely donated to our local special care baby unit. To enter to win one of these boxes of goodies you need to go to & sign up to become a member. Your Baby club is the fastest growing Mum and baby club in the UK. On the website there is lots to do such as new freebies, samples,  competitions, vouchers, parenting magazines, catalogues, apps and new websites for Mums and much more all in one place a well worth a visit. The baby box is actually a new venture for Your Baby Club and I appreciate that I got chosen for one. The box is around a adult sized shoe box so won’t go through the letterbox. They get delivered via Royal Mail and I was out when my one was delivered so got a red while you were out card and had to go to the local sorting office to collect it the next day.


When you open the box there’s some information on the lid. It says enjoy your samples. There’s a competition it says. You can win an iPad mini and other great prizes if you post a picture of your bump or baby with Your Baby Box (and the contents) to Facebook and use the hashtag #yourbabybox and tagging yourbabyclubuk. The picture with the most likes and shares wins so it’s well worth getting creative and entering the competition.


I’m now going to get onto what’s in the box. The box is full with goodies. I will now explain about everything that’s in the box.

1- All Natural tooth & gum wipes by Nuby.

I had no idea these wipes even existed until I saw these. I think they are a great idea for teething babies. They help prevent tooth decay, they are 99.99% effective against oral bacteria and they gently clean sensitive newborn gums so that’s all positive. You get 24 wipes in the box each measuring 15 x 10cm and each are wrapped separately so are very hygenic. They are also perfect for travelling. They are dentist approved and can be used from 0 months +. They are guaranteed to reduce cavities. They are fruit flavoured so baby should like the taste of them. They contain safe food- grade ingredients. If you use them reguarly with a good oral hygiene regime it can reduce the risk of tooth decay and other oral complications for your child. When using these wipes you can be confident that your child is not being exposed to harmful chemicals. There are some notices on the box. You can’t flush these wipes as they are not water soluble. You should dispose of them in a bin. You can’t leave them in direct sunlight and high temperatures. They are not intended for use by your child. Never leave your child unattended with these. There’s also a warning on the box. To avoid danger of suffocation keep the product away from babies and children. Do not place in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. And do not allow children To play with these. Dr Grace Yum is the dentist that approved these. They are sweetened with natural Xylitol. The box as got instructions on of how to use the wipes.

2:- Banana Multigrain baby rice by Ella’s Kitchen.

The box contains a bag of this. It’s 125 grams. I believe that this is a full size product. It can be used from 4 months and upwards. It’s an ideal and perfect weaning food and super smooth. It’s also an organic product.The bag is resealable. It is an organic banana, maize and quinoa baby rice. This is perfect for babies first tastes. The government does advise that you don’t need to wean your baby until they are 6 months old but every baby is different. Some babies will be more hungrier than others. Personally I started weaning my children at 4 months old. My Daughter did well with it but with my son i had to then start weaning again at 6 months old. This rice is very simple to make and the instructions are very clearly printed on the back of the packet. Once opened you have 28 days to use it by. You can access Ella’s Kitchen website at You can also call them on +44 (0) 330 016 5221. Or you can send a letter to them with the envelope marked Freepost Ella’s Kitchen. In this rice there is no added sugar or salt, no lumps and nothing artificial and just yummy organic food for babies. It does contain naturally occurring sugars. All ingredients are well marked on the packet. In this size bag it makes about 20 bowls of baby rice. So a great delicious snack for your little one whilst being healthy and nutritious.


3:- A Mam anti colic bottle.

You get a MAM anti colic bottle which holds 5 ounces of milk so ideal for newborn babies. The bottle is see through and white and as some little pretty pictures on it. It comes with the teat and lid also a £1 off coupon towards your next purchase of a MAM anti colic bottle. I’m sorry that the photo of it isn’t all that clear but it’s in an air tight clear packet and want to keep it in there incase it does get donated to the special care baby unit.


4:- Metanium Barrier ointment.

The box also contains a tube of Metaniun which is a barrier ointment for protection against nappy rash. It’s a 15g tube which is sample size. The cream itself can be used everyday and it’s fragrance and lanolin free. You can’t use it if you or your child as got an allergy to any of the ingredients which are clearly listed. You can’t use it if you or baby have got broken, badly cracked, infected of bleeding skin. In those cases you should seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist. The instructions of how to use it are very clear on the box and are easy to follow. Like most things there can be side effects to this cream. There rare but it can cause skin irritation and if you or baby do get this or any other side effect from using this ointment then you should stop use and tell your doctor or pharmacist. They will give you advice onto what to do next. The ointment is a gentle formulation that is suitable for most skin types. You should read all info on the box and tube before using this. It keeps the skin soft, smooth and supple. You can use it at every nappy change. There are precautions to this as well. It contains titanium dioxide which may stain dark fabrics white. You should avoid contact with eyes. This is for external use only. If it’s accidentally swallowed you should seek medical advice immediately and show the box. You  need to keep this out of reach and sight of children. It needs to be stored in a cool dry place below 25°c. The manufacturer of this is Thornton & Ross Ltd. I’ve used this on both of my children and my Son whom as got special needs and bowel issues I use it on him too when need be so I definitely recommend this.


5:- Gentle bubble bath by Paddy’s Bathroom.

This is the last sample that the box contained. It’s a sample sachet of gentle bubble bath by Paddy’s Bathroom. It’s a tangy tangerine scent. It’s kind to skin and is dermatological and paediatrician approved. It’s 98% natural. The sachet is 8ml. Ingredients and instructions are printed clearly on the back of the sachet and are easy to follow. Also with the sachet came a coupon for 50p off a 400ml bottle of bubbly stuff. This bubble bath is a certified organic and natural bubble bath from the same Dad who created Ella’s Kitchen. They sell a range of products. You can visit there website at You can find this in the baby aisle online at Ocado and at selected Boots, Tesco, Superdrug and Asda stores instore and online.


6:- 2 leaflets.

Last of all there are 2 leaflets in the box. One from Metanium showing you the range of products they sell.

And last of all a booklet from a company called Planet Cards. It contains 3 special offers in it. You can visit there website at They sell a range of items such as birth announcements, thank you cards, christening invitations, baby keepsakes and gifts. The 3 welcome gifts you get are 25% off all cards and stationary, 35% off planet photo sitewide and last of all a massive 80% off a set of 12 photo magnets. This company well beautiful items so well worth having a look at. You get free delivery, all inclusive prices, HIGH quality print and they are fast and reliable. If you would like to contact the company you can contact them Monday to Friday 8am-5pm on telephone 0800 1032 987 or by email at


So that is everything that was included in the baby box. I hope that you’ve found my review of it informative as well as the reviews on each product.

Thank you for reading.



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