You Beauty Box November 2016 review.

Good afternoon.

Today I am going to be reviewing another beauty box. This one is called You Beauty Box and I am going to be reviewing the November 2016 box.

A bit about the box itself. It’s a beauty monthly subscription box but it’s a bit different to some of the other beauty boxes out there. Most other beauty boxes you don’t know what your going to receive in it but this one is different. You get to choose which items you would like inside the box. There is 3 different prices. For £6.95 a month you get to choose 2 products, for £8.95 a month you get to choose 3 products and for £10.95 a month you get to choose 4 products. Each month there is a beauty edit which is a selection of products that you can choose from to go into your box. Each box price includes p&p. For me I went straight for the £10.95 a month box which allowed me to choose 4 items. I was excited by the choices from which we could choose from. I’ve had a few different monthly beauty subscription boxes before & this one was perfect for me. Great value for money. I’ve reviewed some other beauty boxes on here but this box I must say is my favourite one that I’ve had before. If you would like to find out more about this box then you can at the following website:-

The delivery of the box was very swiftly only taking a few days after ordering it. It came well packaged in a jiffy envelope which was well padded. It came via Royal Mail & needed to be signed for. The presentation of the box was lovely and very appealing to the eye. The box itself is black with You Beauty Box written on it and inside the products were placed on black shredded tissue paper. For me i feel presentation is key and this box was indeed very well presented. As well as my chosen 4 products there were also some added extras in it which is great and make the box even more of a bargain. I will now go on to do reviews of each item in the box. 


So firstly I will talk about each of the 4 items that I chose and then talk about the added extras.


So I chose this hydrating cleansing oil from Simple. I really love the products that Simple make especially being that I suffer from sensitive skin. This is a new product from Simple from which I’ve never tried this before. I’m always up for trying new products. Simple are sensitive skin experts. This oil dissolves make-up and it leaves no greasy residue. It does contain pure grapeseed oil but no artificial perfume or colours. It does contain multi-vitamins which I find interesting. The bottle is a full-size bottle at 125ml/4.4 fl oz. This oil leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth. As well as removing make up it also dissolves impurities. It can be used on a daily basis. It’s also suitable for all skin types. On the back of the bottle there are some instructions for use which are very clear and easy to follow. You can purchase this oil from Superdrug for £6.99. Here’s the link.



This choice was a no brainer for me really. I love a bargain and you got 2 products instead of 1. Also I’m a lover of hand cream and lavender has got to be one of my all time favourite scents. I have never tried anything from the brand Dr.Hauschka before & was excited to try these. I’ll start with the hydrating hand cream. This hand cream nourishes, renews & protects. I’m presuming this is a sample size as the tube of it is only 10ml. Instructions were included inside the box. The tube of it was sealed so had to use the other side of the lid to get into it. The cream itself is a creamy colour and to me smells like a citrus scent. A little bit goes a long way. This hand cream really did leave my hands feeling hydrated and soft. Now onto the body wash. This body wash is a lavender sandalwood calming body wash which is said to soothe and relax which I agree with. Again this is a 10ml sample size tube. This product didn’t contain any instructions in the box with it. The lavender scent in it is subtle and so easy to relax in the bath with this. You can purchase these 2 products at the Dr.Hauschka website. You can purchase the hand cream in 3 different sizes. 10ml trial size is £3.00, 50ml size is £12.75 & 100ml size is £19.00. Here’s the link for the hand cream.

The Body wash is available in 2 different sizes. 10ml trial size is £2.00 & 200ml is £13.50. Here’s the link for the body wash.




This is an eyeshadow palette by Technic containing 6 eyeshadows & an eyeshadow brush. This is a sultry eyeshadow palette in the shade Rosebud. As the name says these colours are all browns & purple like colours. These colours are pigmented with 2 of them being shimmery. These colours would look good on a night out. Still a natural look but with a hint of sparkle. The brush in this palette is plastic & double ended. The colours in this palette remind me of an ombre effect. You can purchase this palette at Amazon for only £2.20 with free UK delivery. Here is the link for it:-



Another eyeshadow palette by Technic. This one is a nudes palette called nudes. All 6 of the colours in this palette are very shimmery. Perfect for daytime & nightime wear. Again this comes with a double ended plastic eyeshadow brush. Again this palette is like an ombre effect. You can purchase this at Amazon for £1.63 including free UK delivery. Here’s the link to it.


So that was the 4 products that I chose. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s great value & well worth the money. That’s not all though. There’s extras in the box. I got 4 extra items plus some literature. I’ll now talk about them.


So this is a booklet explaining what’s in the box as well as other items that I could ve chosen from. First page of it is a note from the editor of YOU magazine called Sue Peart. The next 2 pages go on to explain about the extra treats that are in the box. After that the next few pages explain about all the products that were available to be chosen from this month. I could of also chosen some lip and eye cream from The Organic Pharmacy, an anti-blemish mud mask by Masque B.A.R, a frankincense & rose moisturizing face cream from A.A skincare, argan face oil from Ooh! Oils of heaven, Gin & tonic & baby powder cologne spray from The Library Of Fragrance and feels like home body wash by Emma Bridgewater. As you can tell there was a quite big variety of products to choose from. I’m very happy with what I chose. At the back of this booklet are some members only discount codes to use at companies used in the box.



This is also an added extra. I’ve heard of the company 7th heaven before & knew that they made face and hair masques but I had never even heard of finger masques before until i saw this in the box. I used these before I went out for the evening and they left my nails & hands feeling really soft and moisturised. These finger masques are bursting with natural goodness containing argan which conditions and pomegranate which protects. This is paraben and cruelty free so good for vegans. This is a spa like treatment for damaged nails. The instructions are on the back of the packet and are very clear and easy to follow. You can purchase this at eBay for £2.00 plus 90p p&p. Here’s the link.



This is a packet of 2 Popbands. It’s the Santa baby set and it contains a red and a white one. Ideal for the festive season. You can use these in your hair as hair ties or on your wrists as wristbands. They are soft and stretchy and leave no dents in your hair. These are 2 of the original popbands. You can purchase them at Popband for £3.50. Here’s the link.

Santa Baby



Also in the box is a keyring from Leonie Saliba. This is a burgundy colour real leather keyring made exclusively for the You Beauty Box. Also there’s a business card for Leonie Saliba with a discount code for 25% off. There’s no minimum spend, personalisation service available and all orders arrive gift wrapped. They have some lovely items which would be perfect as gift ideas. Leonie Saliba is a luxury London based brand offering unique personalised designs for men and women. Superbly crafted wallets, jewellery and accessories that make the perfect Christmas gifts. Why not go and check this company out. You can at:-



In the box was a perfume sample of Flower by KENZO. This was in a little squirty bottle and smells lovely. Flower by KENZO is a sensual, elegant and unexpected fragrance. It contains rose, violet and white musk for a singular eau de parfum that has become a great classic. This perfume contains a lot of my favourite scents so I would definitely consider purchasing the full size bottle of this. The delicate and strong flower, the poppy is naturally scentless. KENZO invented it’s fragrance. A pure and unusual floral powdery perfume. Containing Bulgarian Rose, Parma Violet, Bourbon Vanilla and White Musk. All my favourite scents in 1 perfume. You can purchase this at The Perfume Shop for £22.99 for a 30ml bottle. Here’s the link.


And last but not least in the box was a voucher. It’s from the Mail Wine Club for the value of £50. It’s for you to redeem on any delicious bottles of your choice at Mail Wine Club. When you use the voucher it offers you a specially selected case of wine every 3 months and at Christmas. It’s entirely up to you whether you take it. This is there discovery club, a way of helping you to find new wines without the hassle. You must be over 18 years old. If your already a discovery club member then you can’t redeem this offer. It’s for new members only. The voucher can’t be exchanged for cash. It can’t be used against any other offer or promotional discount. It’s for UK addresses only. They guarantee 100% enjoyment. Love every bottle or your money back. I’m a non-drinker so therefore I’m giving you this offer. To use it go to and the code is MAILW50 & the password is DISCOVERY. You can call them instead of you prefer on 0843 224 1021. Enjoy.

So that’s it for this review. I’m sure you’d agree with me that this box is great value for money. I’m really happy with this box and will definitely be continuing on with my subscription. The box contains at least £22.00 worth of products and the box only cost £10.95 including p&p. BARGAIN! Hope youve enjoyed reading this blog post & found it helpful.

Until next time.




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