Vlogmas 2016.

Hi everyone.

Can you believe it’s December already? This year has gone so fast. I have now been on YouTube unloading videos for around 6 months now. I heard a little while ago that a YouTube Christmas tradition is Vlogmas. I fancied giving it a go & the children really want to do it too. Now I don’t own a camera or a computer with editing software on so the videos won’t be edited but I will give it a go. The first question was- do we vlog upto Christmas day or for the whole of December? Well my children said the whole of December so that’s exactly what we are going to be doing. We are going to be doing it a bit different and instead of vlogging every day we will be uploading a mixture of videos so they are not to repetitive. We will be vlogging on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Eve. Not giving to much away but some of the types of videos we have planned are letters to Santa, a tour of our Christmas tree and decorations, some challenges, crafts, Xmas Q&A featuring both myself and the children, our Xmas plans video, a day in the life video, gingerbread house, an interview with my 9 year old, an interview with my 7 year old, a haul of our Christmas food shopping, on my daughter’s request a pet tag for our cat Rosey, what we got for Christmas, advent calendar and me & my sister are doing a box swap so may include that too.

Hope you can join in & watch our Vlogmas 2016. I look forward to watching your vlogmas too.

Merry Christmas.

I have uploaded today’s day 1 video. You can watch it here.

My YouTube channel can be found at the following link. 



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