Scheckters Organic Energy Review.

I recently got in contact with Scheckters Organic Energy asking if I could try their products and review them. Scheckters Organic Energy sell energy drinks. As a sufferer of chronic fatigue I tend to drink quite a bit of energy drink but I would like to drink a healthier form of energy drink. The products this company sell sounded perfect for me. The company very kindly sent me 4 different varities of their drinks as well as a tote shopping bag. When the parcel arrived and I opened it it was very well wrapped and presented. The flavours which I were sent were Original, Lite, Mint and Ginger. These are the 4 flavours of energy drink that they sell. They won the Great Taste 2013 award for their original flavour and they also won the Great Taste 2016 award for their mint flavour. I’m now going to review each drink separately.


This was my favourite flavour out of the 4 of them. It had a really lovely and sweet taste to it. It contains pomegranate, elderberry and lemon juice all in a sparkling spring water. The flavours all make a nice combination. There is also a touch of raw cane sugar in it. It contains 80mg of organic energy. Once I drank this I felt fresher and more energised. The can is 250ml. It contains no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives and no taurine. Typical nutritional information is on the can as well as the ingredients list. I would definitely purchase this one in the future. I would totally recommend this flavour. This flavour won the Great Taste 2013 award which was well deserved.

2. LITE.

This was my second favourite flavour out of the 4 flavours. It tasted quite like the Original flavour but a bit lighter. It replaces the raw cane sugar with agave nectar which gives you a slightly less crisper finish and 30% less calories than the Original flavour. All nutritional information and ingredients are on the can. I would re-purchase this in the future. I would definitely recommend this flavour.

3. MINT.

This flavour really wasn’t for me. I tried it but couldn’t finish it. I wish that I could of wrote that i loved it but i have to be honest with my review. This flavour won the Great Taste 2016 award. This is a green tea with mint. It as got organic green tea in it with sparkling spring water. It as got a touch of raw cane sugar in it. It contains 80mg of their unique organic energy blend. Ingredients and nutritional information is on the can. I wouldn’t purchase this in the future and I’m sad to say that I wouldn’t recommend this one.


Last but not least is the ginger one. I didn’t mind this flavour as I like ginger. I can’t say I loved it but i didn’t mind it. I’m new to green tea so getting used to it still. It contains an organic green tea base in sparkling spring water. It contains a touch of raw cane sugar and 80mg of their unique organic energy blend. Ingredients and nutritional information is on the can. I’m not sure whether i would re-purchase this one in the future. If you like ginger then it’s worth giving this drink a try.

That’s my reviews of each flavour. Scheckters Organic Energy is inspired by a passion for natural and organic ingredients and a passion for performance. Scheckters Organic Energy is a unique blend of all natural, quality ingredients which makes for a great, tasting, refreshing and healthier way to energise. These drinks contain no refined sugars, no artificial ingredients, no taurine and no synthetic caffeine. 


It means all the ingredients are natural- no artificial additives, preservatives or colours. No artificial or refined sugars and no GMO ingredients. Just as nature intended.


The natural energy you get from a can of Scheckters is sourced from raw green coffee beans, organic green tea extract, organic guarana and organic ginseng extract. Their unique blend of clean energy means that they are the only informed sport approved energy drink and you get the energy that you want without having to sacrifice how you feel later- no jitters and no crash.


By only using quality ingredients Scheckters has got a great natural flavour- no nasty chemical after taste. Just a crisp refreshing drink to help you get back on track during your day.

These drinks are available at Whole Foods Market, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Spar,, Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic, Booths plus many other quality retailers. If you can’t find these drinks in the drinks fridge look in the energy drink aisle.

If you would like to take a look at and find more out about Scheckters then you can visit their website at the following link.

You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I would like to say thank you to Scheckters Organic Energy for sending me these drinks and allowing me to review them here on my blog. Ive thoroughly enjoyed tasting these drinks and writing this review about them.


Thank you for reading this review and I hope that you found it informative.


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