Koko Dairy Free review.

A while ago i contacted a company called Koko Dairy Free and I asked them if it was possible to review some of there products and they very kindly sent me 3 cartons of there UHT drinks. Before I go onto reviewing them I would like to write a bit about the company itself. There drinks are made from freshly pressed coconut milk. It’s naturally free from lactose, cows milk, protein, soya and gluten so if you have any allergies or intolerances then this could be the product for you. It’s also nut free and packed in a nut free environment so if you have a nut allergy you should be fine with this. I always thought coconut was classed as a nut but no it’s a fruit. There drinks are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs. It’s cholesterol free which is good for me as I suffer with hereditary high cholesterol and am on medication for it. This was one of the reasons why I was interested In trying the products. The calcium and fat levels are matched with semi-skimmed milk. They are a natural tasty alternative for all to enjoy. It is also GMO free. They are fresh tasting and versatile to either use as drinks or in cooking. I used mine as drinks. Another reason why I was interested in trying the products is because I suffer with bowel disease and I find dairy doesn’t always agree with me and I’m being investigated for coeliac disease. Now onto the products that I was sent. I was sent 3 cartons of there UHT products each containing 1 litre. I was sent the following flavours:-

● Original.

● Chocolate.

● Light.


I will now give individual reviews for each flavour.


This flavour is chocolate and calcium. It’s free of dairy, cholesterol, lactose and soya. You can drink this either hot or cold. We opted to drink it cold. Out of the 3 this one was our favourite one. It tastes lovely and it’s not too sweet. When drinking this it felt like we were actually drinking a healthy chocolate milkshake. My children also really liked this flavour so I will more than likely purchase it. It’s a dairy free chocolate flavoured drink made with coconut milk, calcium and vitamins B12 and D2. It’s a healthy nutritious drink for adults and children alike. I particularly liked the fact that this drink contains vitamins B12 and D2 both of which I’m deficient in and on medication for. The carton clearly as got instructions on how to warm it up should you wish to do so. This drink is free from animal fats. It contains MCFAs including lauric. It’s free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colourings. One 250ml glass provides you with 37.5% of the RI of calcium and vitamins D2 and B12. So there is many positives on drinking this. You can purchase this flavour at Asda, Morrison’s, Holland & Barrett, Ocado and the co-op.



Again we opted to drink this one cold. It’s a very refreshing drink and you can really taste the coconut in it so if your a big lover of coconut then this is the drink for you. This is the original plus calcium one. Again it’s free of cholesterol, dairy, lactose and soya. You could use it on breakfast cereals, tea or coffee, sweet or savoury cooking or on its own as a refreshing cold drink which is how we used it. I liked it but the children wernt so keen on it. You can purchase this flavour at Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Ocado, Booths, Holland and Barrett, Planet Organic, Revital, As nature intended and the co-op. 



This one is the light and low fat flavour. Again it’s free of dairy, cholesterol, lactose and soya. Again I opted to drink it cold. It can be used in tea and coffee. It could also be used hot or cold on breakfast cereals, sweet or savoury cooking or on its own as a refreshing cold drink. I didn’t mind this one. The coconut taste was very subtle. The children again wasn’t very keen on this one. You can purchase this flavour at Sainsburys, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Ocado and Holland and Barrett.


So that’s my honest opinions on each flavour. A little bit of information about coconuts that is printed on the original and light cartons. Coconuts are a fruit and not a nut. Coconuts are a staple part of the diet of millions of people living in the tropics. Coconuts contain medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Around 50% of these are made up of lauric acid. These products are made with freshly pressed coconut milk. Located on the Equator in East Sumatra, Indonesia, they have been farming coconuts in there groves since 1986. Fresh, ripe coconuts are packed within hours of picking on a daily basis, so they can guarantee there products are of the very highest quality. I just wanted to share that piece of information with you.

This concludes my review. I hope that you found this helpful and informative. A big thank you to Koko Dairy Free for sending me these products. I have thoroughly enjoyed tasting them and reviewing them.


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