Friction Free Shaving review.

A little while ago i contacted Friction Free Shaving and asked if I could review some of there products. They very kindly sent me a box containing a razor handle, 4 weeks supply of razor blades and shave cream.


Should you wish to take a look at the company and their products you can view their website at:-

The products came very well packaged and presented well. The box was small enough to fit through my letterbox. There was a quote on the inside of the box which I liked. It said:-

” I met this blade on Monday, took it for a ride on Tuesday, we were feeling smooth on Wednesday, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I changed my blade on Sunday”.

Very catchy words and yes I sang the words in the tune of Craig David’s song- 7 days.

I’m now going to give reviews on the razor itself, the blades and the shave cream.


The razor handle looks very high quality and it’s lovely to use. It looks like a really expensive razor but cheaper than most other reusable razors. I love the copper detail on it. It’s a very strong and sturdy handle. This razor is called ‘Samantha’ and it’s a 5 blade razor. It’s also available in blue but I love the gold one. You would think that this razor was more expensive than it is. I feel that this razor handle would last a long time and I really like using it.


RAZOR BLADES. I was sent a 4 week supply of blades. 1 blade per week. The blades are 5 blades. I’ve never used a 5 blade razor before only a 4 blade. I really like these razors blades. It’s very easy to change the blade. You just simply push the handle of the razor in until you hear a click, then pull down to release it from its packaging. You should change the blade every 7 days. You really should make sure you change your blades regularly otherwise your skin is more prone to irritation and rashes. On the blade itself there is a vitamin E lubricating strip that gives your skin a silky finish. These blades are of a high quality but at a bargain price.



The shave cream is in a 100ml tube. It contains manuka honey, shea butter and coconut oil, all of which I love. I really love the scent of this cream. It reminds me of being on holiday when applying sun lotion, the scent that is. This cream is gently charged with positive ions that make your hairs stand on end and giving you the smoothest, closest shave ever. There was also an instruction leaflet in the box explaining how to use it. It’s in 4 steps and very easy to use and apply. Step one is shower or bathe for a few minutes to soften your hairs and open your pores. I applied the cream after being in the bath for around 10 minutes or so. Step two is squeeze out a 50p size blob for each leg. You want a nice layer across the entire shaveable area. Step three is let your skin marinate in the cream for about 15 seconds then get shaving. Last but not least step four is dry, moisturise and feel friction free. Those steps are very easy to follow. This cream is also cruelty free. The cream made my skin feel moisturised, smooth and soft.


The question that your probably wondering is would i purchase these products? I sure would. I would also very highly recommend these. You can also get gift packages as well. These products would make a lovely gift. You can find out more at:-

You can also connect with Friction Free Shaving on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their handle is @FFShaving.

This is a subscription service for women. It’s on a monthly basis. It costs from only £5 a month so very affordable and less than most other reusable razors. There is 3 different razors that you can choose from. The razor that I recieved costs £7 per month and I think I’m going to subscribe. You can change your preferences anytime and cancel your subscription anytime. You can also postpone your subscription anytime.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Friction Free Shaving for sending me these products to try and review.

I hope that you found this review informative. Thank you for reading.






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