Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb from Lush review.

I’m going to be reviewing another product from the 2016 Christmas range at Lush.

The name for this bath bomb- Luxury Lush Pud certainly suited the bath bomb. Totally loved the smell of this one which also left my skin feeling much softer and fresher. This bath bomb is pretty the way it was designed. A pink and white Christmas pudding with different colour  spots and not forgetting the holly leaves and berries. I loved the way this looked once disolved In the bath. It was an array of different colours. My 2 children aged 9 years old and 7 years old both loved this bath bomb. My sister really loved it as well as she’s new to bath bombs but she was impressed with it. If this will be out for Christmas 2017 then I will definitely re-purchase it and I recommend it.

screenshot_2017-02-07-15-14-53If you would like to see a demo of this bath bomb then you can below. 

Thank you for reading. 



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