My Daughter Lucy (aged 7 years)performed at the 02 Arena London with Young Voices.

Back in October 2016 Lucy bought home a letter about joining the choir to which she said yes she would like to join the choir. Choir was 1 hour after school once a week. She had her first couple of sessions and then bought another letter home saying that they (The choir) are taking part in the Young Voices choir and will be performing at the 02 Arena in London in January 2017.

Young Voices is the worlds largest school choir. It was then that the children started rehearsing for the performance. Still one hour once a week but they had to learn songs and dances ready for the concert. There were numerous songs and the children learned them really quickly. Not bad considering they were only primary aged school children with Lucy being 1 of the youngest at only 7 years old.

Lucy enjoyed her choir sessions and the night before the performance she was very nervous and anxious and said she didn’t want to do it. It’s a big thing for an adult to perform there but even bigger for a child. Lucy as been to the 02 arena London twice before to see Disney On Ice and Ellie Goulding but this time it would be her singing. Totally not surprised that she was nervous. It was to be expected. I was nervous and it wasn’t even me singing. Luckily on the day of the show Lucy woke up fine. They travelled to the 02 arena around lunchtime so that they could do some last minute rehearsals. Me, Ash who’s her Dad and my Fiance, Joshua her brother and my son, my Mum, my Dad, my sister and my brother all went to watch the performance. The show started at 7pm and finished at 9pm. There were 7495 children performing. We couldn’t see Lucy but we knew where her school was situated and where they were sitting. We purchased a program which was very well priced at £5. At Disney on ice a program was £10 & at Ellie Goulding a program was £20 so £5 for a program was very affordable. The young voices foundation inspires a love of music. Young Voices work well with teachers & businesses and they give grants out when need be. It’s estimated that 150 thousand children in the UK will be in the young voices choir this year and the United States have 20 thousand children taking part. So amazing that it’s a global event. The Young Voices charity partner is Nordoff Robbins which is the UK’s leading music therapy charity and they help to change the lives of vulnerable and isolated children and adults across the UK. To find out more about Nordoff Robbins search for it in a Google search. Another exciting part of the concert was that there were going to be special guests attending there. There was:-

● Tabby Callaghan (Irish rocker) who came 3rd in the very first series of the x-factor and as rubbed shoulders with Rock ‘n’ Roll royalty including the Osbournes. He made an exclusive track specifically for the Young Voices choir with all proceeds going to the charity, Nordoff Robbins. He was a really good singer and I really enjoyed watching him.

● The Beatbox Collective. They performed last year as well at Young Voices where there they created the worlds largest beatbox battle. They’ve appeared at many shows and festivals such as Glastonbury and they’ve also got rave reviews from their Edinburgh Fringe Show. These were an amazing group and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them perform. Going by the noise it appeared that the children liked them too.

● Natalie Williams. She’s a must loved soul and jazz singer. Her residency Soul Family Sunday’s at the world famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club has been selling out every month for the past decade. WOW! Again really enjoyed watching her as well.

All 3 singers were really good and thoroughly enjoyed watching them perform.

Young Voices have an app which we were able to download for free which showed us where Lucy would be.

The songs that Lucy and all the other children sang were as follows:-

● 5 guys named Moe.

● Birdhouse in your soul.

● Over the hills.

● Stronger together.

● Maliswe.

● Proud Mary. (With Natalie Williams).

● You’re the voice.

● Sing.

● The beatbox broadcast. ( With The BeatboxCollective).

● For those about to rock again. (With Tabby Callaghan).

● Lost for a day. (With Tabby Callaghan).

● I got life. (With Natalie Williams).

● Pop medley.

● Aint no mountain.

All the schools taking part are listed in the program in very small writing and let me tell you- there’s loads of schools taking part. WOW!

There’s a timeline in the program which I’ll tell you about.

● 1992- First World Choir.

● 1993- Second World Choir.

● 1994- Voices Of The World.

● 1996- Vatican City, Rome and Hallelujah Concerts.

● 1997- The birth of Young Voices. WOW, they’ve been going for 20 years. So glad that Lucy got chosen to take part in not only performing there but also for taking part in there 20th year.

● 1998- Desmond Tutu Tribute.

● 2001- Guinness World Record ( 6,846 children from 159 schools sang in unison at Manchester Evening News Arena.

● 2002- Guinness World Record. (Largest simultaneous sing-along, 83,637 participants from hundreds of schools across the UK singing “Tell Me Why”.

● 2005-Guinness World Record. ( largest simultaneous sing-along, 293, 978 participants at 1,616 locations throughout the UK singing “Lean On Me”.

● 2007- first concert in The 02.

● 2008- YV South Africa.

● 2011- Launch of YV foundation charity.

● 2012- Guinness World Record. (Most backing singers to one vocalist with Connie Talbot at The 02, London).

● 2015- YV international.

● 2016- 20th anniversary and key to the 02, London.

So as you can see young voices have achieved a lot over the 20 years that they’ve been going for.

This was one of the best and proudest times of my life. My little 7 year old girl a year or so ago was very shy and hardly spoke to anyone other than family and now she’s performed in the 02 Arena, London. I just wanted to do this blog post because I am such a proud Mummy and want you to have a see what it was all about. Here’s a photo of Lucy which one of the teachers from school must have taken. It’s not a very clear photo due to me needing to zoom right in as other children were in the photo so therefore I couldn’t share that photo with you.


I have around 5 videos that I recorded. We were told it was strictly no photography but tons of people were using there cameras so I thought why not. The videos are only for personal use only by me any way. I can’t share them due to backing singers and don’t want to get a copyright notice over on my YouTube channel although i did upload one video to my channel which is the pop medley that they did. If you would like to watch that you can below.

(Excuse me and my sister chatting away in it, hehe).

I wanted to do this blog post for memories and to share with you all how much i’m proud of Lucy. I was going to vlog that day for my YouTube channel but due to Lucy being so nervous I just wanted her as relaxed as possible. Hope that this post describes our day well with you all and sorry to those who were looking forward to seeing my vlog of the day.

I hope youve enjoyed reading this long post. High five if you’ve made it this far, hehe.

Thank you for reading.


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