You Beauty Box January 2017 unboxing.

As you may or may not know I’m a big fan of beauty subscription boxes and one of my favourite ones is the You Beauty Box subscription box. This subscription box is great value for money and is one of the cheaper beauty subscription boxes out there but you still get good quality products in it. This is another one where you get to choose the products which go into your box and then depending on your subscription plan you sometimes get extras in the way of samples. I’m going to just list the different subscription plans that you can choose from.

1. Choose 2 products for £6.95 a month plus free p&p.

2. Choose 3 products for  £8.95 a month plus free p&p.

3. Choose 4 products for  £10.95 a month plus free p&p.

The good thing about this particular subscription service is that you can cancel at any time and you can also change your subscription should you wish to do so.

You can check out the website below.

I chose to go with the 4 product box and have had about 4 of them now. I’ve been really happy each time I recieved my boxes. 

I’m going to list the contents of my January 2017 box along with links to the products & RRP’s of each product.

1.   Masque Bar Pore Refining Creme mask. RRP- £19.99 plus £3.49 for a pack of 4 masks.

2. Dr Ceuticals pumice foot scrub. RRP- £6.99 for 150ml.

3. Optiat coffee scrub in mouthwatering mandarin. RRP- £6.99 for 90g.

4. Argan liquid gold multi tone BB cream. RRP- £70.00 for 30ml.

Last of all there were 2 samples in the box. A hand cream from Lavera and a conditioner from Aussie.

An estimated price for the contents in this month’s box is approximately £43 so well worth the £10.95 it cost me.

Should you wish to watch my unboxing video then you can below.

Hope youve found this post helpful.

Thanks for reading and take care.


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