Product Empties- March 2017.

I’ve noticed that “product empty” videos are trending and popular on YouTube. For a while I’ve thought about doing these sorts of videos on a monthly basis but never really got round to doing them. This month I thought that’s it im going to start filming monthly empties videos.

I will now go into a mini review of each product. Some products are empties and some are products that could of done with throwing away which I also included in the video and of which I’ll also include on this blog post.

● Radox Men Muscle Therapy Bubble Bath.

I really enjoyed using this product. As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia I suffer with muscle and joint pains. I didn’t realise it was men’s when I purchased it but that didn’t bother me. It really helped me to relax in the bath and it only cost me £1 in Superdrug. I’d repurchase it and recommend it.

● Expose Hints Of Tan Body Lotions.

I had 2 of these that I threw away. They wasn’t empty but had them ages and not been reaching to use them. I have a lot of body lotions so decided these needed to go. They were very cheap at 4 for £1 from I’d never used them so can’t really comment on if they work etc.

● Golden Egg bath bomb melt from Lush.

This bath bomb melt is in Lush’s Easter range. I used it the day I purchased it. I’d say it’s of a medium size and obviously egg shaped.  It was covered in gold glitter and even just touching it you end up with glitter all over you. It felt like quite a soft bath bomb. It contains cocoa butter and wild orange. It smelt lovely and left my skin really soft and feeling refreshed. It also smelt like chocolate which is always a plus in my book. I did record a demo video of it to put on my YouTube channel. You can view that video below. I’d recommend this product and repurchase it.

● Glazed Apple shower gel from The Body Shop. 

I really enjoyed using this product. It smelt gorgeous with the Apple but also refreshing. I’d recommend it and would repurchase it if it was on offer but not sure that I would pay full price for it.

● Dark Orchid and raspberry bubble bath from Avon.

I love this bubble bath. A little goes a long way. It’s a deep pinky purple colour and it turns the water like a deep purple colour and it stays that colour. I’d recommend it and repurchase it.

● Mountains Of Gold eyeshadow by Makeup Revolution.

This is one of my favourite eyeshadows. It’s only a single eyeshadow and only costs £1. I hadn’t hit pan with it but it all crumbled up everywhere. It’s a shimmer shade. It’s gold and really sparkly. A good quality eyeshadow at a bargain price. I’d recommend it and repurchase it.

● Vibrant Curve Effect lip gloss by Max Factor.

This is another product that just needed to be thrown away as it was old. It was a clear sparkly colour. It was okay to wear and not to sticky but not one of my favourites. For that I dont think that id repurchase it again.

● Sensitive bubble bath from Avon.

I love Avon bubble baths and always buy them when their on special offer. With these ones you sometimes need to use quite a bit of it to get a lot of bubbles. My eczema as flared up so been using this quite a bit and it’s very gentle on the skin. I’d recommend it and repurchase it.

● XHC Xpel hair care coconut water conditioner.

I wasn’t all that impressed with this conditioner. I only paid £1 for it from our local pharmacy. It didn’t really do anything with my hair. I like the smell of coconuts, reminds me of holidays but the smell of the coconut in this conditioner was really overpowering so for that I don’t think id repurchase it again.

● Schwarzkopf Gliss liquid silk shampoo and conditioner.

I actually really liked this shampoo and conditioner. It left my hair silky smooth, soft and shiny. Because of that id repurchase it again and recommend it.

● L’oreal colour protect shampoo.

This shampoo was okay. I didn’t love it. It was okay whilst my hair was coloured but my hair colour started to fade before I even finished the bottle of this. If it was on offer I maybe would repurchase it again.

● Blueberry cupcake bath bomb with sprinkles from Poundland.

I was thoroughly impressed with this bath bomb. It took quite a while to fully disolve but that’s not a bad thing. The blueberry scent was very subtle. There wasn’t too much glitter in it where it would get all over you. I’d recommend this and repurchase it.

● Snow Fairy body conditioner from Lush.

I love this product. Snow Fairy is my all time favourite Lush scent. It smells so sweet. It left my skin so soft and smooth. It’s such a shame that you can only purchase it at Christmas but I’ll always repurchase it and of course recommend it.

● Matte Effect foundation in Warm Beige from Make Up Revolution.

Again this product wasn’t empty. It really wasn’t the right shade for me. I tried to work with it but couldn’t in the end. I’d repurchase again but in my correct skin tone.

● Eyelash Curlers.

I had to throw a pair of my eyelash curlers out as the sponge padded thing had come off so therefore couldn’t really use them anymore. When I was using them they were alright to use and I purchased them from a Pound shop I believe.

● Collection BB Secrets beauty balm in medium.

I really enjoyed using this. Some days when I didn’t want a full coverage I would just wear this instead of foundation and powder. It also contains SPF15 so always a good thing. I have a lot of beauty balms to use up so wouldn’t repurchase at the moment but maybe in the future.

● Big & Daring volume mascara by Avon.

I love this mascara. I was a bit upset as it was around half full but it had dried out. That was because I had too many mascaras open at the same time. This mascara really does give your lashes volume and makes them appear thicker. I would definitely recommend this and repurchase it.

● Wild lash lengthening mascara from W7.

I purchased this at a Pound shop so didn’t think it would be that good but I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked using it and it made my lashes appear fuller. I would definitely recommend this and repurchase it.

● Pure gloss ultra glossy lip gloss in Shortcake 11 from Collection.

This wasn’t an empty product. It just wasn’t my shade and really didn’t suit me. It was quite sticky and came in like one of those glossy tubes. I probably wouldn’t repurchase I’m afraid.

● Lengthening and volumising mascara from ELF.

This mascara was okay but I wasn’t overly impressed with it. It dried out really quickly so that’s why I’ve had to throw it away. The wand is around double the size of the mascara so you don’t get much in it. I wouldn’t repurchase it.

● Cream to foundation tester kit in medium from Sleek.

Not used this so thrown it away as the 5 colours in it are far to dark for my skin. Wouldn’t repurchase as I now know what my foundation shade is.

● Constance Carroll glossy lips lip gloss in the shade Rose 9.

This was one of my old products. Had it for ages so it needed to go really. It was quite sticky which I don’t like so therefore I wouldn’t repurchase it.

● 2 x Magic Wand re-usable bubble bars from Lush.

I love these. They smell exactly like Snow Fairy. You can probably get around 5 or 6 baths out of it so good value for money. Just a shame that their only out at Christmas. I would recommend this and always repurchase it.

● Lipstick in the shade L02 by Ocuz.

I threw this away as when I recieved it it was quite melted. For that reason I couldn’t really use it and I don’t think that I’d repurchase it again.

● Foot care lavender efferescent tablet from Yves Rocher.

This didn’t actually do anything. It’s such a tiny tablet for the price. Therefore because of that I wouldn’t repurchase it again.

● camoflage kit- concealer palette by W7.

I purchased this to help cover the pigmentation up around my eyes. There’s 5 different shades in it but none of them would cover up my pigmentations so therefore it was just being unused. I wouldn’t repurchase it again.

Camouflage Kit

● 3 x One Direction lipsticks.

These lipsticks came in some One Direction make up sets. There was 2 pink ones and 1 red one. Didn’t really like using these as they wernt the softest lipstick to apply.

● Max Factor max effect gloss cube.

I didn’t like this product. The colour pay off wasn’t good and it was quite sticky. I wouldn’t repurchase it again.

● Lipstick in the shade Truffle Nude by Claire’s.

This was a nice lipstick and went on softly and smoothly. The lipstick itself was broke so needed to go. I would repurchase it again though and recommend it.

● Lip shiner lip gloss by Constance Carroll.

Again this was an old product that needed to go. Didn’t really like it as it was really sticky. Wouldnt repurchase it again.

● Eyebrow stencils.

I had a box of various shaped eyebrow stencils but never use them as I fill my natural brows in.

● Glossy Kiss lip gloss by CCUK.

Again an old product. Found it quite sticky so didn’t really like using it. Wouldn’t repurchase it again.

● 2 x One Direction eyeshadow pencils.

Again these were from the One Direction make up sets. I had one in Brown and one in blue. Throwing them simply because they are not my sort of colours that i usually like to wear.

● Lipstick in the shade 030 Pink Lollipop by Maybelline.

The colour pay off of this lipstick wasn’t good so I have no use for it really and wouldn’t repurchase it again.

● Chocolate Orange self heating face mask from Superdrug.

I loved this face mask. I’m a big lover of self heating face masks. Literally only a couple of seconds after putting it on it got warm. It felt quite comforting and soothing. It really helped my skin and left it feeling super soft. It’s very messy though. I would recommend this and repurchase it again.

● Garnier Nutrisse cream nourishing conditioner.

Think this was from a hair dye set a while ago and it’s never been used and probably wouldn’t be used so decided to bin it.

● Maybelline Baby Lips balm & blush.

I couldn’t really get on with this. Didn’t really use it as a balm but tried it as a blush and it just wasn’t for me. That’s just my personal preference. I wouldn’t repurchase it.

● Travel size RollerLash mascara by Benefit.

I LOVE this mascara. This is my all time favourite mascara. It really gives your lashes volume and curls them so no need to curl your lashes before doing your mascara. Would definitely recommend this and repurchase it again.

● 3 x One Direction lip glosses.

Again these come from the One Direction make up sets. There was 2 pink ones and 1 orange one. They were quite sticky and hardly had any colour pay off at all.

● Calvin Klein eyeshadow in Retro Silver.

I love the colour of this eyeshadow, I love the formula of it and how it looks on the eyes but when I was wearing it my eyes started getting really itchy and sore so I think I may of been a bit sensitive or allergic to some of the ingredients in it. Because of this reason I couldn’t repurchase it.

That is all my empties for March 2017. I’m sorry this is a really long post but as you can see i had lots of empties. I have linked as many products as I can should you wish to take a look or purchase them yourself.

If you would like to watch my empties YouTube video then you can below.

Thank you ever so much for reading this post. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask them. All my links are on here.

Until next time,


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