Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt From Lush Review & Demo.

Hi everyone.

So I had been watching Lush videos on YouTube and I kept seeing people showing the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt and I was eager to purchase it and try it out myself.

I can’t remember the exact price for it sorry but it was around the £4 mark. It was covered all over in gold glitter. It felt quite softer than other bath bombs but it’s a bath bomb melt so I expect that’s why it feels like that. Compared to Lush’s other bath bombs I would say it is of a medium size. Just picking up the bath bomb I ended up with the gold glitter all over me but I didn’t mind that as I do love glitter and sparkles. Obviously being egg shaped it was in the Easter range. The perfect bath bomb for Easter.

Onto the use of it. I put it in the bath as the water was running. I did put it in a bit too early when the water was shallower but that didn’t really make any difference. It was quite a slow melting bath bomb which I love. Once it had all disolved the bath water was a light yellow colour with some bubbles and of course gold glitter.

It was toffee scented and I absolutely love toffee, not just the edible type but also the scent. The scent wasn’t too overpowering or nothing. It contains cocoa butter and it was so gentle on my skin. I suffer with Excema and my legs are where it normally affects the most but this bath bomb didn’t irritate my skin at all. It left my skin feeling so soft, smooth & refreshed. It also contained olive oil and golden luster and again both were really gentle on my skin. Olive oil is good for a lot of things not just for cooking. My Son was born 6 weeks premature nearly 10 years ago & we were recommended to use olive oil on his skin due to his gentle skin and we used the olive oil in his baths and it did his skin a world of good. It contains Bergamot which is a favourite scent of mine. It also contains sweet, wild orange oils which made it smell like a Terry’s chocolate orange and made me think of Christmas but an ideal scent for Easter. The sweet, wild orange oils are said to help tone the skin and brighten the skin and I can say that it did tone and brighten my skin.

Overall the final result is that I did really enjoy using this and found it gave me a really relaxing bath. I would definitely purchase it again and I would recommend the product as well. 

Hope you found this review helpful. I will insert a picture of it below as well as a link to a demo video I did of it on my YouTube channel.



Thank you so much for reading this. 

Until next time,


#lush #goldeneggbathbombmelt

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