Avon Hauls.

As you may or may not know I love Avon. I get a brochure every 3 weeks & I always make an order as there’s always something in it that I like & want. It’s also ideal for me as I have trouble getting out and about to the shops etc due to my medical conditions.

There’s 2 YouTube videos that I’ve uploaded since my last Avon post on here. I will link them both below for you.

I’ll always purchase products from Avon as they are of a great quality and great prices. I recommend you to check out Avon. You can either find your local representative or order online on their website which I will link below. 


When placing an order online you can either pay online there and then or choose to pay when your local representative delivers you your order or you can have your order sent directly to you. If you choose to have your order delivered directly to you then there’s a small delivery charge but a lot of times there’s free delivery options. 

I have a really lovely representative. A couple of times through illness I’ve not been able to get out and draw money out of my bank to pay for my order but she’s been very understanding and waited till I was a feeling a bit better. Her name is Becky (Rebecca) and she deserves a mention on here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and hope you enjoyed watching my videos and seeing which products I purchased.

Thank you for reading this post and watching my videos. Hope you’ve found this somewhat helpful.

Until next time,


DISCLAIMER- this is NOT a sponsored post & neither am I being paid for it.


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