Poppy Apparel Affiliate.

Hi all.

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve become an affiliate for the first ever time. I’m so happy about this.

So I’ve become an affiliate for Poppy Apparel. Poppy Apparel is a fashion company. They sell a lot of fashion pieces. Ill list down below the categories of things that they sell.

● Dresses.

● 2 piece sets.

● Jumpsuits & Playsuits.

● Bodysuits.

● Crop Tops.

● Blouses.

● Sweaters.

● Tees.

● Bottoms.

● Nightwear.

● Bandeau.

● Active Wear.

● Night Wear.

● Swimsuits.

● Lingerie.

● Heels.

● Sandals.

● Boots.

● Collection Wear.

● Sunglasses.

● Bags.

● Watches.

● Chokers.

● Phone Cases.

So as you can see they sell a wide and extensive range of items. You can do your clothing shopping from the comfort of your home. They have some really lovely pieces for sell and there’s so much I like on there that I would spend a fortune. You can go on their website at the link below.


What’s more is that I have got a personal discount code for you all to receive 10% off your order. My discount code is:-


If you enter that during the check out process you will get yourself 10% off your order.

Oh and it’s FREE delivery worldwide so that saves you having to pay postage and packaging.

As my discount code is an affiliate link I will earn a bit of money from it which will go back into my YouTube channel and my blog.

Please note I have not been sponsored to do this post neither am I getting paid for this post. I just wanted to do a post to let you all know about it and as a way of thanking Poppy Apparel for letting me join the affiliate scheme.

Thank you for reading and happy shopping.


#PoppyApparel #affiliate


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