What I Got In My April 2017 Latest In Beauty Box.

Hi everyone.

I’m a big fan of the Latest In Beauty monthly subscription boxes. It’s my favourite subscription box as I feel like you get the most for your money. It’s not a box where you don’t know what your getting, it’s one where you choose what you want in it. I do like the element of surprise but i can be a bit impatient. Also as you know whats going to be in the box least you know that you would use everything. That’s important to me as I don’t want to pay for a box then not use any of the products in it. Latest In Beauty offer 3 different packages. I have the highest package meaning i can choose 9 products and it costs £18 a month and that includes postage and packaging and what’s more you usually also get a freebie in it. I’ll link below Latest In Beauty if it’s something you would like to take a look at.


The box always comes well packaged with shredded paper inside and then wrapped up in tissue paper and stuck down with a Latest In Beauty sticker. I would also like to add that when you choose your products to go in the box there is an extensive list of products to choose from so something for everyone. You always get a postcard in it with a positive quote on it and on the back all of Latest In Beauty’s social media links are on it.

So your probably wanting to know what I chose in this month’s box. I will now go onto the contents of the box, my thoughts on each item and the RRP of each item with links to each product should it be something you may like to purchase yourself. At the end of this post I will give you an estimated price of all the contents if you were to purchase them separately.

PRODUCT 1- Merci Handy Chill Out Refreshing Face Mist.

I chose this as I thought it would be ideal for me. I get a lot of hot flushes due to going through the menopause and a few sprays of this cools me down and makes me more refreshed. As you can tell by the name this product is made in France. It’s a 30ml can and contains green tea and mint which you can smell when using it. I always think any thing mint refreshes you. The packaging is appealing to the eye. I would go onto purchase it as well as recommend it.

RRP- €4.50.

Chill Out


PRODUCT 2- Kneipp Herbal Bath Back Comfort Devils Claw.

I chose this product as I suffer with Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis so therefore I suffer with chronic pain. I’m up for trying any thing to help with the pain and these conditions. Someone actually recommended the product to me so when I saw that it was one of the choices for the box I decided to give it a go. The packaging is appealing to the eye. Once I put it in the bath it did help to relax me and take the muscle aches away. It contains Cajeput essential oils and devils claw extract. The ingredients in it are renowned for its joint and muscle benefits. I would recommend this and purchase it in the future.

RRP- £9.95. 



PRODUCT 3- Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Calming Paper Mask.

We all love a face mask don’t we? I have tried various brands and types of face masks before. My favourite ones are sheet masks and self heating masks. Never tried any thing from the Yes To range before so thought I’d give this one a go. I sadly havent had a chance to use it yet but when I do use it if you would like a review on it then do please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to do that review for you.

RRP- £2.99.


PRODUCT 4- Popband pack of 2.

I chose this because I have long hair and always wear it up and being a Mummy of a 7 year old daughter as you can imagine we are always losing hair bands so thought these were ideal hairbands. I also wear them on my wrist as wristbands as I do think they also look nice being used this way as well. They don’t crease your hair up either or get caught in your hair. I would definitely recommend these as well as purchase them.

RRP- I’m unable to find the price online but in the past when I’ve been on the Popband website a pack of 2 typically retails for £5.00.


I have linked the company because as I’ve said I can’t find the exact set I got but personally I think you should definitely take a look on the website as they sell so many gorgeous ones.


This was a full sized can that I received. I do like Batiste as a brand as well as their products. Never tried this product before so thought id give it a go as my hair does get flyaway and frizzy. It contains Keratin in it which is always good for your hair. It tamed down my frizzy hair so for that I would certainly recommend it.

RRP- £4.49.


PRODUCT 6- Rodial Smoky Eye Pen.

I’ve had this product before in a previous beauty box and really like how it applied and the formula of it. It is such a soft pencil and that’s why I decided to get another one. It’s a full size one which I thought was amazing to receive. The colour I got it in is black. I have got a couple of other products by Rodial and been really happy with them. I would certainly recommend you to purchase this and when I do run out of eyeliner (got a lot to use up) I would consider purchasing it. I’m new to eyeliner as I’ve never been able to get used to applying it before but this is a perfect eyeliner to start and practice with.

RRP – £17.00.



PRODUCT 7- Amphora Aromatics Citrus Tonic Candle.

We all like a candle now and again right? I loved the sound of this candle and thought it would be a perfect scent for the summer months. The scent is really zesty and the candle itself does contain essential oils. The presentation of the candle is spot on. It came in a nice box and then a candle jar which you could use after the candles been all used up should you wish to. This candle to me really looks like a luxury and expensive candle so I was so pleased with it. I would recommend it but maybe would purchase it after I’ve used up all my other candles  (which are a lot).

RRP- £9.48.


PRODUCT 8- Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil.

This was something that I kept on seeing on social media and people were recommending it and I wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately I havent got around to using it yet but when I do use it should you wish me to review it then do let me know and ill be more than happy to do that for you. But I do like the fact that it’s multi-use and that it can be used on face, body and hair.

RRP- £17.00 for 50ml or £29.00 for 100ml.



Last but by no means least…..


This isn’t a new product for me. I absolutely love this product and I’m sure you may have read me reviewing it on here before as well as on my YouTube channel. I love using this as my primer before doing my make-up so there was no doubt about it that I would choose it. It was only a sample size but a little goes a long way and it is a high end brand. I love how this feels on my face. I haven’t really got many pores but the ones that I do have this really helps them. It’s a silicone based product which are the ones I prefer to use more. This is without a doubt my holy grail primer. I would definitely recommend you to try it and purchase it and I’ve re-purchased it already. 

RRP- £26.00.



So that is all 9 products that I chose and I’m really happy with my choices. Also in the box was some free skincare samples and 2 discount cards- 1 for the skincare samples brand and one for Merci Handy.

As I said earlier on in my post I said I would give you an estimated price of how much all of the products would cost if brought separately and that cost is around the £55 pound Mark. There were 7 full sized products and 2 sample sized products which I think is absolutely amazing bearing in mind that I only paid £18 for the box.

I always do Unboxing videos on my YouTube channel and give my first impressions on each product. You can watch my Unboxing video below.

Overall i am extremely happy with this beauty subscription box and will carry on with my subscription for as long as I can. I would recommend this beauty box especially if you don’t mind the products not being surprises.

Sorry that this post is quite long but there was 9 products to review.

I hope that youve enjoyed reading this post and found it somewhat helpful, interesting and informative.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.

Until next time,


DISCLAIMER- this box containing all of the products was purchased by myself. This is NOT a sponsored post and neither am I being paid for writing this post.

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One thought on “What I Got In My April 2017 Latest In Beauty Box.

  1. I love Latest in Beauty and have had some of those products too! The Porefessional is great! I’m usually a fan of Yes To, but my skin didn’t react that well to the mask, so hope your experience is better. I’m looking forward to trying one of those face mists.


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