Pulsin Review.

Hi there. A little while ago i was contacted by Pulsin & asked if I would like to try and review some of their range as they’ve done new packaging for their 10th anniversary. I said of course and I was asked what I would like to try and I said the brownies, protein bars and kids oat bars. They very kindly sent me a box of 3 Peanut Choc Chip Raw Chocolate Brownies, 1 Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Booster, 1 Super Berry Raw Chocolate Brownie and 1 bar from each flavour of the kids oat bars.


We all need protein in our diets and daily lives. Us as a family are on a bit of a health kick. Myself, my partner Ash and my Daughter Lucy are slightly overweight so wanting to get our weights where they should be. My Son Joshua is spot on where he should be in regards to his weight. Glad someone is. Protein does play a big part in your diet. It gives you sustained energy release which is perfect for me being that I suffer with Fibromyalgia and have little to no energy most times. It strengthens your immune system which again is good for me as illnesses have left me with a low immune system. It makes you feel fuller for longer which is always good so less need of snacking inbetween meals. It supports healthy body function, boosts your brainpower and enriches your life and we all want/need this right?

Pulsin have their own promise-

‘To go above & beyond to bring you highly nutritious foods that transform every day eating occasions into health-optimising opportunities’.

Their range consists of protein powders, kids oat bars, protein boosters and raw brownies.

You should go and check Pulsin’s website out as it contains so much information. It contains recipes on their which is always helpful. Also if you sign up you will receive 10% discount, always nice to save some money.

The products themselves are packed full of natural ingredients and organic goodness. They are free from nasties, high in protein and low GI which makes them perfect for the whole family.

Pulsin’s goal is to:-

● Give people superpower through health-boosting energy foods.

● Make incredible-tasting products that don’t cost the earth.

● Lead the pack when it comes to product development.

● Contribute to a happy, healthy world filled with happy, healthy people.

I’m Now going to go onto reviewing each individual product that I was sent.


A bit about the product. It’s 50g a bar which is enough to help you through the whole day. It’s free from gluten, dairy, soya, refined sugars and non-GM. It’s Vegan friendly and suitable for those on dairy free, soya free and gluten free diets.

I absolutely loved this product. The packaging I think really suits the product and company. The packaging is like a dreamcatcher. It was a decent size bar. It looked just like a ‘normal’ brownie but felt a bit different to me. I really loved and enjoyed eating this product. There was a right balance of chocolate and nuts. It made me feel a little less tired and more alert. I loved eating this I can’t stress how much and it felt strange eating a brownie that’s healthy and good for you. I would purchase these and recommend them to you.

You can purchase them online on the Pulsin website. They are priced at £13.59 for 9 brownies and £25.76 for 18 brownies so average priced id say. You can find them at the below link:-




Again this was packaged in like a dreamcatcher packet. Also a 50g bar. This again just looked like a ‘normal’ brownie. I didn’t mind this one. It did taste very fruity with the berries. I couldn’t eat all of this bar in one sitting as it was quite filling. I would consider purchasing this and if you are a berry lover then this one is for you. You can purchase them on the Pulsin website. Like the peanut choc chip ones they are £13.59 for 9 brownies and £25.76 for 18 brownies which again I feel is a fair price. You can find them at the below link.




I have to be honest in my review but I didn’t really like this bar. It was a bit too stodgy and filling for me. I don’t like a strong taste of vanilla so this bar wasn’t for me but we all have different tastes so what one person doesn’t like another person may like it. Again you can purchase these on the Pulsin website. All priced the same as the brownies. £13.59 for 9 bars and £25.76 for 18 bars which in my opinion is a good price for protein bars. You can find them at the below link.




Pulsin sell kids bars as well so the whole family can enjoy the goodness and niceness of the products. Pulsin do oat bars for children in 3 different flavours:-

● Blackcurrant & Apple.

● Orange Choc Chip.

● Strawberry.

The packaging for these are great for children with woodland animals and nature on them. Very appealing to the eye and they scream ‘HEALTHY’.

Pulsin very kindly sent me one of each bar for my children to try and review. My Son Joshua wouldn’t try them but that’s down to him having various learning disabilities with sensory issues being a problem of his. My Daughter Lucy was really up for trying them. Any healthy food she loves. I told her to give me a score out of 5 for each flavour bar. 1 being bad and 5 being delicious so she gave me scores. She is only 7 years old so thought that this would be the best way for her to give you her honest opinion. The oat bars are like cereal bars and the perfect size for a snack for the children (or yourself maybe).

Lucy’s scores are as follows:- 

Blackcurrant & Apple- 3/5.

Orange Choc Chip- 2/5.

Strawberry- 5/5.

So as you can see Strawberry was her favourite one which doesn’t surprise me at all. You can purchase these bars online at Pulsin. They cost £2.70 for a packet of 6 bars. Slightly more expensive than your usual box of cereal bars but let me tell you this- they are worth that bit of extra money and I’ll more than likely purchase the strawberry ones for my children. You can purchase them at the below link.



So that concludes my review. I would like to say a big thank you to Pulsin for sending me these. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it informative. You can find Pulsin’s website at the following link-


Do go & check out Pulsin. They also do subscriptions, hampers and mixed cases.

That’s it for now.

Until next time,


DISCLAIMER- I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


3 thoughts on “Pulsin Review.

    1. You should try them out. Think you’ll be impressed. I’d vaguely heard of them before but my Mother In Law is a runner and she said she always uses there protein powder and she swears by it. Thank you for reading my post.


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