What I got in my December 2016 Glossybox including reviews.

Hello everyone.

So today I thought I would review my Glossybox for the month of December 2016. I got this box in February 2017 as when I subscribed I could have 2 boxes for the price of 1. I received the February 2017 box and it said that I would receive a past box and that box was the December 2016 one which I’m going to talk about today on this post. I had seen quite a few Unboxing videos of this particular box on YouTube and really liked the contents of it so I was super happy when it was that box that I got. I’m always impressed with the packaging of Glossybox. It comes in a black and white box which is what it’s sent in and I’ve never had any issues with the packaging before. The actual box itself is pink with black writing on it. These boxes do come in really handy so I always like to keep them. Inside the box the products are on shredded paper and covered with pink tissue paper. Once I opened the box on top was some leaflets for The White Company, Hello Fresh and some other brand that I can’t think of each containing discount codes and then the monthly information card was on top too. My last blog post was me reviewing the February 2017 box which I also received. If you’ve not read that post yet then do feel free to take a look at it. Glossybox costs £10.00 per month plus £3.95 p&p. Want more information about the subscription boxes or want to sign up yourself? You can do just that at the link below.


What’s more when you sign up you can get 50% off your first box and in July’s themed box called ‘Hello Summer’ you get 3 full size products and 2 travel size products.

I’m now going to tell you what I received in this box as well as review’s on each product.


This was the product that really caught my eye in this box. This product is made by the Harley Street, London company called 111 Skin. A high end and luxurious brand. It was one mask that we got in the box. It’s abptly named a pre-party pick me up. I used mine when I was having some pamper time and relaxation time. Results were quite instant. It states that it is like a 2nd skin and id have to agree with that statement. It instantly locks in moisture which is amazing. It contains Arbutin which brightens the skin. It also contains silk amino acids to condition the skin. It stimulates production of collagen. For use after cleansing which is how I used my one. You should leave it on for a good 20 minutes or more. I left mine on for 20 minutes. Really happy with this product. Sadly though I wouldnt/couldn’t repurchase it due to the high cost of it but if you can afford it id say give it a go. You can get a pack of 5 masks for £85.00. Link below.

Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask (5)


(Credit to 111 Skin for the photo).


I’ve used Wilkinson Sword razors and products for years and they never fail to disappoint. I hadn’t ever tried these razors though before until they came in my box. Each razor has got 4 blades on it which is really good and you get a perfect shave with them. The handles on each razor are scented of raspberry which is lovely but it’s a subtle scent and not too overpowering. These razors are disposable. Before shaving its recommended to exfoliate the skin which is what I do and after shaving its recommended to moisturise which again is something which I do do. You can purchase them at the link below for the price of £6.25.



(Credit to Wilkinson Sword for the photo).


Now this is another product that caught my eye. I’ve got thin hair due to suffering with Stress Alopecia and I’m always on the look out for hair products which will help my hair get back to a healthy condition. This product lifts each root and thickens every strand. It made my hair have so much more volume and my hair did appear thicker too. The bottle was 30ml sized. It’s said that this product is a salon blow-dry in a bottle which I agree with somewhat to an extent. The mist itself is fine. My hair did feel in a much better condition with more volume and thicker. The formula of this product contains Keratin which is something I’ve used on and off for years on my hair. Keratin is proven to strengthen hair which I do agree with fully. This product does also contain soothing Niacinimide which helps care for your scalp which is good for me as I do suffer with a sore scalp so anything that soothes the scalp is always a plus for me. This product is versatile meaning you can use it on dry or damp hair and I used mine on damp hair. You need to spray it from root to tip and give a quick blast of your hairdryer to boost and thicken. It also contains heat-activated protein. This left my hair and scalp feeling so much healthier. The bottle was only a sample size one but at 30ml still quite a good size. It retails for £9.95 & that’s a 100ml size bottle. This is something that I would definitely consider purchasing.



(Credit to Nanogen for the photo).


I love eyeshadow pencils. It makes appying eyeshadow so much easier especially being that I am quite new to make-up again. The pencil itself looks like a good quality product. When I swatched it it felt so soft, creamy and smooth. The pencil and the packaging is really pretty. The shade is a khaki grey colour so perfect for a smoky eye look. This shade was spotted circling on models eyes at Victoria Beckham’s AW16 fashion show so definitely great quality. The formula is long-lasting too and stays put all day. The shade is shimmery and highly-pigmented. I tend to use it alone on the eyelid or with other eyeshadows to create a smoky eye look. You can purchase it for £12.79 from Glossybox.



(Credit to Glossybox for the photo).


I do love my makeup brushes so do love New additions to my makeup brush collection. This is a great blending brush. The bristles are cruelty-free which is always a plus. The bristles are really soft but also firm as well. Such a versatile brush. It can be used to shade and blend around the eye and also as a precision contouring brush for those smaller areas of your face. You can purchase it for £6.80 from Glossybox.



(Credit to Glossybox for the photo).

So that’s all 5 products that i recieved in this months box. A good variety of skin-care, hair-care and make-up products. There was also a sweet treat as an extra. It was a Rafaello by Ferrero and my Daughter enjoyed it. I always like to work out an approximate cost of the contents in the box and this months box contained around £52 worth of products.

I did an Unboxing video of this over on my YouTube channel which you can watch below.

So that concludes this blog post. I do hope you enjoyed it and you’ve found it helpful and informative.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,


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