My Pregnancy & Birth Story- Lucy Scarlett Taylor.

Hi all. So today I want to tell you my pregnancy & birth Story with my 8 year old Daughter Lucy.

If you’ve read my previous post all about my pregnancy & birth with my Son Joshua then you’ll know that I was infertile. When Joshua was about a year old we sort of started trying for another baby. We knew it may or may not happen & that if it did it could take months maybe years to fall pregnant again. We had been trying for around 6 months and I just wasn’t falling pregnant. Negative pregnancy test after test and I still wasn’t pregnant. I kept getting abdominal pains so was sent for an ultrasound scan & that showed that my womb lining was thickened & that I’d be due to ovulate at any time. This pain kept on & on but no period! I was at work on a night shift & the pain was just getting too much so I was sent home. I then ended up taking myself to A&E to find out what was going on. One of the first tests that they did was a urine test to check for a urine infection plus an HCG  (pregnancy) test. When the doctor came back after testing my urine I said to her that it’s negative again isn’t it but she proceeded to tell me & show me that the test was positive & that I was at early stage of pregnancy. The reason my womb lining was thickened on my ultrasound scan wasn’t because I was about to ovulate but that I was pregnant. I was very shocked again like i was when I found out I was pregnant with my Son & remained cautious as the doctor at the hospital said that it could be an Ectopic Pregnancy. Ash (my fiance) wasn’t at the hospital with me. It was only 5am UK time so him & Joshua were both in bed asleep. I actually phoned Ash & told him over the phone that we were going to be parents again and he was really pleased.

Onto the first trimester. I didn’t suffer too bad this time. No nausea or sickness but still tiredness. We were in London one day/evening seeing a show and on the way home I got stomach pains and some spotting so went to the hospital & they said that my HCG  (hormone pregnancy levels) were increasing which was good news as this meant that the pregnancy was progressing how it should be but they couldn’t be 100% sure that it wasn’t an Ectopic Pregnancy so I got admitted into hospital & was sent to an hospital 22 miles away from where we live as our local hospital didn’t have any beds. I was kept in for a couple of days. We had an ultrasound scan which showed the pregnancy was in my womb & going how it should do. We were so excited so then begun to tell people that we were expecting again. We as well as Joshua loved seeing Lucy on the scan not that Joshua knew what it was as he was only 1 years old. That was when I was around 8 weeks gone. We then had our routine 12 weeks scan & everything was fine. We also opted for the Downs Syndrome testing which showed we had a small risk of having a baby with Downs Syndrome.

Going onto the second trimester. The tiredness started to get better which was a bonus as I was working long shifts doing my nursing. Still no sickness. I got to around 18 weeks & ended up with a kidney infection. They admitted me into hospital for this so that I could be put on Intravenous Antibiotics. I did have 2 ultrasound scans whilst there. One pregnancy scan which showed all was well & one scan on my urinary tract. That scan showed that where Lucy & my womb were stretching it was squashing my right kidney. Whilst in hospital they said there’s a chance that she will be delivered at 32 weeks so they took me for a tour around the special care baby unit. I was worried about this as Joshua was premature as well. They also thought that I may of had SPD as I was getting a lot of pain in my back & hips. When i was 20 weeks ish pregnant we went for our 20 week anomaly scan. Everything was good & they asked if we wanted to know the sex & we said yes. I kind of wanted a surprise but Ash wanted to know and he said it will be easier to buy things then which I agreed with. They told us we were having a baby girl & we were over the moon as we always wanted 2 children & a girl & a boy so our family is complete. I had a big bump this pregnancy.

Onto the third trimester. Kind of all of the first trimester symptoms came back. I was exhausted all the time. I then got “Morning Sickness”. I thought I had got away with it this pregnancy but obviously not. My Pregnancy was consultant led meaning that i had to be under a consultant. This was mainly due to what happened in my previous pregnancy. I was very lucky and had a few extra growth scans and Every one was fine. The consultant then wanted to know my birth plan. Due to having Joshua by Caeserean Section i was given the choice of either a VBAC (vaginal birth after caeserean) or an elective Caeserean Section. They really wanted me to have a VBAC & were really encouraging me to but there would be a risk that my previous c section scar and my womb could rupture during Labour. That could of meant either or both of us dying which I thought was a huge huge risk. They said it was quite rare to happen but I wasn’t going to take that risk so I opted for an elective c section which was booked for the 11th August 2009. It was so nice knowing the date that out daughter would be born. It also made it easier for Ash to get his paternity leave off work as well as my Mum & Mum-In-Law getting the day off work as they were at the birth too. I felt more in control of my birth.

Onto Lucy’s day of birth. We had to be at our local hospital at 11am UK time. My Brother stayed at our house to look after Joshua. Once we were at the hospital I had to get into a gown & stockings, sign a consent form & then wait to go to theatre. We were second on the list so had a little wait. My Mum & Mum-In-Law were with us too & remained on the maternity ward whilst me & Ash went down to theatre. I was taken into the operating room whilst Ash was sent somewhere else to change into surgical scrubs. My heart rate was very high so they had to give me a medication to bring it down again. I was then given a spinal. It wasn’t painful as such but it sent sort of a shooting pain in my body. It didn’t take long for the spinal to work & I was then numb from the chest down which was a very strange feeling. I was then told to lie down on the operating table and they hooked me up to drips & machinery. They started cutting my abdomen but they hadn’t got Ash in the room at this stage. Bless him when he came in he could see my ‘insides’ yuck. Literally about 5 minutes or so later Lucy was born. 5 minutes is not long at all but when your cut open it feels like forever. Before they delivered her they said she had a lot of hair. I had a LOT of heartburn when I was pregnant with her & you know the old wives tale- lots of heartburn = lots of hair. Well in my case that was true. They also told me had I had a VBAC my scar & womb would of probably ruptured as it was very thin. Had that happened we could of  both lost our lives. When they delivered Lucy she came out crying & screaming which was a lovely sound to hear. They dried her & gave her to Ash. They wouldn’t let me hold her on the operating table but as soon as the operation was over they gave her to me. She did indeed have a lot of hair. You’ll see that in the photos below. She weighed 7lbs 3oz & she was 53cm tall. Post natal there was no problems & we were back at home 48 hours later.

So that’s my pregnancy & Birth with Lucy. Shes truly a miracle like Joshua. She’s now 8 years old & I couldn’t be any more prouder of her than I am. I love her millions.

Thank you so much for reading this post.

Until next time,


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