Home Bargains Flowers Review.

Today I would like to tell you all about some beautiful roses I was sent to review from Home Bargains. Now I love flowers especially roses and I love a bargain.

I love Home Bargains. Everything is so reasonably priced & always find some great bargains in there.

Now my favourite flowers are roses because they have a special meaning to me. My Nan was always a flower lover especially her roses. Both her front & back gardens were full of flowers & plants but mostly roses. In the summer her gardens looked so beautiful with all the flowers especially the roses which were all different colours. My Nan sadly passed away on 17th March 2015 from Breast Cancer which had spread. Flowers and roses are beautiful and reminds me of my Nan. She really loved her roses & her favourites were pink & yellow roses.

Now onto the review. I applied for this assignment through a website called Bloggers Required. I knew that this assignment would be perfect for me. I was contacted a few days later to say that I would be receiving a bunch of flowers. Communication with the company was really good & prompt. Royal Mail delivered my flowers. They came in a big box with a floral print on it. Upon opening the box inside was a bouquet of roses & a glass vase which was a lovely touch. The roses already had their stems cut so that saved me trimming them. They were wrapped well in cellophane and included a sachet of plant/flower food. The glass vase feels & looks quite high quality. I was sent the bouquet of 20 roses but I counted 32 roses. 5 pink ones, 4 ivory ones, 10 yellow ones, 6 peach ones & 7 red ones. Such a beautiful bouquet of roses. I recieved them 4 days ago & I’ve watered them & they are just starting to die now however I’ve been removing the dead petals instead of throwing the whole bouquet away. They have really brightened up my kitchen & was a lovely treat.

I’m now going to give you some information all about the roses, prices etc.

The bouquet that I was sent can be found at the link below.


A bouquet of 20 roses costs £9.99. Where else could you get such good quality roses for that low price? Most companies would probably charge double that. I think it’s such an affordable price especially if your on a tight budget. You can also get a medium bouquet at an extra cost of £3.00 & a large bouquet at an extra cost of £6.00. You can also add on an extra treat, prices below.

● Pop vase- 99p.

● Glass vase- £4.99.

● Chocolates- £1.99.

● Occasion Balloon- £2.99.

● Cuddly Bear- £3.99.

● Birthday cake- £3.99.

When ordering you can also write a personalised message. There’s a calendar so you can choose your delivery date. Shipping information as below.

● Free delivery, order by 4pm and will be delivered in 1-2 working days.

● Tracked upgrade, order by 9pm, next day tracked service at an additional cost of £2.95.

So that concludes this review. Would I purchase flowers from Home Bargains again? Yes without a doubt. Would I recommend purchasing flowers from Home Bargains? Yes I would.

I do hope you’ve found this helpful & it gives you some inspiration. I have filmed a video review of these roses on my YouTube channel which you can watch below.

Photos below of these beautiful roses.



Thank you for taking your time to read this review/blog post. Thank you to Home Bargains for sending me these.

Until next time,


DISCLAIMER- I was sent these free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are honest, my own & unbiased.

#homebargains #homebargainsflowers




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