Kidzania London Review (Including Going There With Special Needs).

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During the October half term I was contacted by a lovely lady called Chelsea who works for a PR company. She contacted me on behalf of the face paint brand Snazaroo & asked if we would like to attend Snazaroo’s Halloween Week at Kidzania in London. I immediately said yes we would love to attend. I did a bit of research about Kidzania as I’d never heard of it before. Once I knew what it was I think I was more excited than the children hehe. Chelsea arranged a complimentary 4 hour session for myself, My Son Joshua, my Daughter Lucy & 3 of my Nephews called Rueben, Ethan & Dylan. She also said that the kids could have Halloween face painting done by Snazaroo & attend a Halloween dance class. I now want to tell you about Kidzania. Kidzania is based in Westfield London in Shepherd’s Bush. We travelled from Kent on the train & we only had to get on 2 different tubes from London Victoria & it took no time at all to get there. Kidzania is an indoor city run by kids. It contains over 60 real-life activities. It’s primarily aimed for children between the ages of 4-14 year olds. I’m going to list all of the different activities that’s there below.

(Credit to Kidzania London for the pictures).

So as you can see there’s a lot of activities in this 1 attraction. Kidzania teaches children the value of money by learning how to work, earn & save in a fun, safe environment. I hope this has given you a bit of insight into Kidzania.

I’m now going to tell you about our day there and reviews etc. It was very easy to find. It’s based in Westfield London shopping centre & you can’t miss the venue as there’s a British Airways airplane sticking right outside of the building. We already had our tickets so we didn’t need to queue up to purchase tickets. I loved how the tickets were made to look like a boarding pass. I think the sessions were from 9.30am till 4.00pm & you would get 4 hours in the attraction. We did choose the 12pm session due to having to travel but we arrived with plenty of time spare. There was a little queue at the entrance where staff checked your tickets. After that there was some flights of stairs to go up where we then found ourselves in what looked exactly like an airport check-in, so cool. There was a HUGE queue but it didn’t take long to get through. Whilst queueing staff members came round & put wrist bands on the children which were electronic & trackable I believe. We told the staff that 3 of the children had special needs- they all have various learning disabilities. We was told that we would be allowed in the attractions with them where as usually you wouldn’t be allowed and we also all had to wear neon pink wristbands which meant assistance/disabilities. I really liked this touch. Once at the front of the queue we had to ‘check-in’ & each child was then given some ‘Kidzania’ money. I think they were given 50 Kidzania money and then we were allowed in to explore. We went on a Wednesday & it was the October half-term so as you can imagine it was very busy. My partner took my Son & 1 of my Nephews off, my Sister took 2 of my Nephews off & I went off with my Daughter Lucy. The queues were very long for each attraction and I spoke to a staff member if there was any sort of ‘fast pass’ available for disabilities & they said no and that in a 4 hour session you would roughly get to experience 6 attractions which compared to there being over 60 attractions there it’s not very good & I feel that you would need to visit many times to experience everything Kidzania has to offer however saying that we did have an amazing day. I would just like to tell you a little bit about each of the attractions that the children took part in.


My Son Joshua & my Nephew Rueben did this attraction. I think it was around a 15 minute attraction & they lined up for around 45 minutes. They got to make a chocolate bar & were given a coupon so on leaving Kidzania they could exchange it for some Cadbury’s chocolates. They did have to pay to do this attraction with some of their Kidzania money.


The kids had their faces painted for Halloween by Snazaroo. Loved their face paintings. This was at no extra charge at all. We didn’t get to experience the Halloween dance class though.


2 of my Nephews did this attraction. They had to pay out of their Kidzania money to do this activity. The wait time was about an hour which isn’t so good with them both having learning disabilities however they loved it. In most attractions they got to dress in uniform too. They also got to ride around in the Kidzania fire engine with the sirens and blue flashing lights.


This was an attraction by the brand Eat Natural. Lucy did this activity. The wait was only around 10 minutes which was good. She had to pay out of her Kidzania money to do this. First of all she got to taste test some ingredients then weigh out the ingredients and put them into a mould to bake. She then got given a fruit and nut bar and had to put the product label on it which she loved this activity.


I think 4 out of the 5 children did this activity. They got to be paramedics and ride in the Kidzania ambulance around the attraction with the blue lights & sirens on and going to treat someone with first aid. When they got back they earned some Kidzania money. Just want to add that there was photographers going around taking photos and at the end of your visit you could purchase the photos.


3 of the kids did this. The wait time wasnt too bad actually for this one. They went into like a hotel room and had to tidy it and make the bed etc and when they finished they earned some Kidzania money and a ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hanger souvenir.


2 of the kids did this one.there was a long wait & i think they had to pay some Kidzania money for this one but they enjoyed it & got to ride in the Kidzania police van.


Me & my Sister took my Daughter & 2 of my Nephews into this activity. It was by the brand Innocent. The kids do love smoothies so wasn’t surprised when they chose to do this activity. To start with they learned about what fruit and vegetables go into smoothies & the process of making smoothies. They then got to drink a little sample of a smoothie & me & my Sister did too & they were delicious. After the kids got a sticker and earned some Kidzania money.


My Son & 1 of my Nephews did this. They had to pay some Kidzania money and got to play football which my Son was most looking forward to being the football addict he is.


This was the first activity me & my Daughter did. Prior to queueing she had the option of being the cashier or the shopper. She chose to be the shopper. We waited near on an hour which was very long. She was given a shopping list and a trolley & had to collect the items from the shopping list. She loved this.

I think that’s all the activities the children did. i loved the element that it sort of teaches children about going out to work and the value of money. Also very good for the 3 kids with their special needs as when they reach adulthood they are going to need help in these areas.

Upon leaving the attraction we went through ‘Immigration’ where the kids exchanged their Cadbury vouchers for some mini Cadbury chocolates. Also because they had some Kidzania money left they was able to spend it in the gift shop.

Overall we had an amazing day. I would recommend Kidzania & revisit again but probably in a more quieter time.

We did vlog the day on our YouTube channel. You can view our vlog of the day below.

We as a family would like to say a HUGE thank you to Chelsea from the PR company for this amazing day. I wouldn’t of known about Kidzania otherwise. Also thank you to Snazaroo & Kidzania London.

I’m still shocked now that we got to experience Kidzania.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and informative and any questions you may have feel free to drop them below in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,


DISCLAIMER- myself, my 2 children & 3 of my Nephews did recieve free tickets to this attraction. I’ve not been asked to make this post neither is this post sponsored. I wanted to write this post as a thank you to the brands mentioned & also for anyone that may be considering going there/how they cater for disabilities.

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