Full Face Of Primark Makeup- Reviews Including Video.

Hello all.

I’m a big lover of Primark & it’s one of my favourite stores to shop at. Everything is so affordable whilst still being good quality. Over a few weeks I purchased a few makeup products from Primark & i eventually had enough products to be able to do a full face of makeup. I recorded a video of me testing out the products & giving my sort of first impressions of. Today I want to review each make up product that I tried & I’ll link my YouTube video at the end of this post.

P.S Primer Water.

Now this product really reminded me of one of my all time favourite primers which is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water so I had to get this one to compare it. Now the presentation & overlook of this product was that it looked more expensive than it is. It’s 150ml & retails for only £2. Instructions & ingredients are clear and easy to follow. This product is also silicone free, oil free & alcohol free which is always a positive in a product. I really like this primer. Not only is it super & easy to use but it also primes your face ready prior to makeup application. It’s also very refreshing and hydrating to use. I would certainly recommend this product and repurchase it again.


P.S Matte Liquid Foundation.

I purchased this foundation in the shade Ivory which is my usual shade which I usually use in foundation. It’s a 30ml product and retails for £3. I really wasn’t keen on this product. It was very watery & my beauty blender just soaked up the product instead of going on my face which in my opinion is just a waste. It claims to give a medium coverage but I felt it gave only a light coverage. It is an oil-free formula which doesn’t really bother me as I hardly ever get oily skin. It states it gives a matte finish but personally I don’t feel like it did. I wouldn’t recommend this product and neither would I repurchase it again.


P.S My Perfect Colour Concealer Stick.

Again this was another product which I didn’t really enjoy using. Haven’t used a concealer stick for many years. This one retails for 90p which is a bargain. I got mine in the shade name Nude. I found I had to use a lot of the product to get any pigment from it. It was also a bit rough on my skin and made my eyes water when applying it under my eyes. It claims to give you full coverage and a natural finish. I really don’t think that this product gives full coverage. Maybe a natural finish but that was because it wasn’t very well pigmented. I wouldn’t recommend this product neither would I repurchase it. 20171122_180940

P.S My Perfect Colour Mattifying Powder.

This setting, pressed powder retails for £2 & mine is in the shade Nude. Originally on first impressions I wasn’t really that keen on it but that’s only first impressions but now I’ve been using it longer I’m actually really enjoying using it. Also with the product itself you also get a sponge & a mirror in the lid. It claims it’s smooth application & medium coverage & i 100% agree. I would definitely recommend this product and repurchase it.


P.S Brow Pencil.

This product retails for only £1 & has a spoolie at one end and the product at the other end. I got mine in the shade Light as my hair is a light brown. This shade was a bit light for me but I could still work with it. I do however now have the medium one which works better for me. So easy to apply. The product is creamy & i enjoy using it. I would recommend it and repurchase it.


P.S Brow Gel.

This is a clear brow setting gel which retails for only £1. Its a good size product for the price of it. It’s non-sticky & really sets my brows well & keeps my brows in shape all day. I would recommend this product and repurchase it.


P.S ‘Vintage’ Eyeshadow Palette.

This palette contains 9 shades. It retails for £2.50/£3 I believe which is a good price for an eyeshadow palette. I found this palette to be a bit hit & miss. I found some of them to be a bit chalky, some didn’t have much pigment but there were some shades in it that I really love. Below are swatches of the palette with the flash of the camera on & off. I would recommend it and repurchase a different 9 shade palette.

P.S Volumising Mascara.

I’m a self-confessed mascara junkie. I’ve heard good things about this mascara so thought I would give it a go. It only costs £1 which is a complete bargain. I got mine in the shade brown as I must of picked the wrong shade one up. I didn’t really like this mascara. It really didn’t do anything to my lashes & within half an hour or so I had to reapply it. I wouldn’t recommend this or repurchase it but I may try it in the shade black instead.


P.S Blush.

This package on this product really reminds me of a ‘High End’ brand. It cost £1.50 & is in the shade name Adored. It states that it’s a high pigment blusher which I totally agree with. You have to use a light hand with it as it’s very well pigmented but a pretty shade. I would recommend this product and repurchase it.

P.S Pure Glow Highlighter.

I think this retails for £3. I love this product. The packaging makes the product look more expensive than it is. Again it’s very well pigmented so use a light hand. It lasts for hours on your face & it’s a beautiful shade especially for those spring/summer months. Below are also swatch photos both with the camera flash on & the camera flash off. I would recommend this product and repurchase it.

And last but by no means least…..

P.S Lipstick In The Shade Name Bombshell.

This lipstick only cost around a £1. Brilliant bargain. This is a pink toned lipstick. Very creamy & soft. Beautiful shade & love how it feels and looks on the lips. Below is swatch photo too. I would recommend this product and repurchase it.

So that’s this post finished. Overall I was pretty happy with a lot of the products and only cost around £20 to be able to do a full face of Primark make up. Below is my video.

I would love it if you could check out my video.

Hope you’ve found this post informative and somewhat helpful.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,




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