Florida Holiday 2018. Day 1- Travel Day.

Hi all.

So we as a family went on holiday/vacation last month to Orlando, Florida & I thought I would write some posts about what we got upto there & some reviews etc. I vlogged the whole 2 weeks we were there for my YouTube channel & wanted to also incorporate it with my blog as well.

We travelled there on the 14th February 2018 & left Orlando on the 28th February & returned home on the 1st March.


So it was quite an early start to the day. We travelled to London Gatwick Airport at 6.15am from our home by taxi. We used a local taxi company in Kent called Express. They always offer lower prices than a lot of other taxi companies. When the taxi arrived to collect us we were doing the last little bits and the taxi driver very kindly put all of our luggage into the taxi. The taxi was a brand new Mercedes Benz & it was a lovely car. The taxi driver was very friendly too. It only took around 50 minutes to get to the airport. We were dropped off at the drop off zone outside the North Terminal and had to go up a travelator to get into the main terminal. Was a bit awkward however the kids were so helpful & helped out.


When we entered into the terminal pretty much straight away we saw the Virgin Atlantic check in desks which is who we booked with and flew with. My Son & 2 of my Nephews whom all have learning disabilities wore green lanyards with sunflowers on them. We were previously sent those prior to our flight. By wearing that lanyard it meant we had special assistance in the airport. They even asked me if I wanted special assistance because I took my crutches. We checked our bags in very quickly and then headed to security. We went through the special assistance part where there wasn’t any wait. Most of us got through fine but some of us had to have extra security check by going through a scanner machine. I had to do that. Once through security we were able to go shopping and get food. First stop was duty free. The kids all bought a little something and I purchased some makeup. Next we went to WHSmith and the kids all got a magazine each. We then headed to The Red Lion which is a Wetherspoon for breakfast. More expensive than our local Wetherspoon but your on holiday so you can justify the cost. After we had breakfast we found a soft play area for the children to play in. Time flew by at the airport and before we knew it it was time to head to the departure gate and start boarding the flight. Now I’m going to be doing a separate post about the flights there & back so do look out for that post.

(We travelled on Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Pretty Woman’ plane).

We landed at Orlando International  Airport around 5pm US time which would of been 10pm back home. The line to go through immigration & customs was huge however they recognised the special assistance lanyards the boys had on & we then got to go through the special assistance line & only took about 20 minutes to get through. Next was collecting our luggage off the luggage carousel. We then had to get on the little tram/monorail to take us into the main part of the airport. It was then onto collecting our hire cars. 16 of us travelled out there. The car we as a family had was a 7 seater Dodge & it was a lovely car. Then we left the airport and travelled to our hotel.

We stayed in Kissimmee at a hotel called Comfort Suites Maingate East. I’m going to be doing a separate post about the hotel so do keep a look out for that. It took around 30 minutes from the airport to the hotel so not long at all.

On arriving at the hotel I popped out to get us a bite to eat then after that we settled down and fell asleep.


So that was day 1 of our holiday. Was very tiring but exciting.

You can watch our vlog from that day below.


Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time,


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