Florida Holiday 2018. Day 2- Magic Kingdom.

Before we even went on holiday/vacation it was decided that we would do Magic Kingdom on our first and last day we were there. Suited me fine as that’s my favourite park. We knew it was the busiest park out of them all so we figured out it would be best to go there on our first and last days.

We were all exhausted after travel day the day before & I think we were up around 8am. In our hotel we had FREE hot/cold buffet breakfast so we had breakfast in our hotel before we begun our day.

Walt Disney World was around a 20 minute drive from our hotel so not far at all and we had a hire car so that’s how we got around on our holiday. Parking price was $22 (£15.62). When we used to go as children we would always try and guess which part we would park in and I guessed this time as Simba hehe & I was correct. We then had to go on a tram to the ticket desks. We already had our Disney tickets/passes which we purchased in the uk. We just had to go up to a desk and have the tickets activated. We decided to purchase Magic Bands which were around $14 each. The Magic Bands have all your tickets on it, fast passes & photo pass (Memory Maker). It was just a wrist strap we wore & was so much easier instead of getting your tickets out every time so if you are going to Walt Disney World I would totally recommend you purchasing a Magic Band. If your staying on Disney property you get them for FREE. Once through the ticket desks it was time to either get the ferry boat or a monorail over the lake to the park. We went by ferry boat as I think it’s much more magical & you see some beautiful views. It was very busy so we had a 10 minute or so wait to get on the ferry boat.

Prior to going I had previously emailed Walt Disney World explaining that we were coming and that I myself have some physical disabilities and that my Son & 2 of my Nephews have various learning disabilities and would we be entitled to any sort of fast pass service and they said yes we would just have to go to guest relations to sort it out. Just off topic a bit but everyone when going to a Disney park get 3 fast passes but we didn’t do this as we thought the disability fast passes would cover it. We went to guest relations then got sent somewhere else. My Magic Band was then activated with the ‘Disability Accessible Service’ for all 12 people in our party.

Whilst still on Main Street USA we watched the dance party parade called Shake It Street Party which had a few characters and the children really enjoyed it. Also just after you come into the park your able to meet Chip & Dale & Pluto. We didn’t meet them but saw them & Chip & Dale are my favourite Disney characters.

The first land in the park we headed to was Tomorrow Land which has always been one of my favourite lands in the Magic Kingdom. First attraction we did was the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor which was around a 30 minute wait. Whilst in the line you could actually text a certain number with a joke and potentially have it read out during the show. It was a comedy sort of show & my Son & one of my Nephews actually were shown on the tv screens and I think they got shy hehe. Whilst waiting to go on this attraction I was in tears due to being in extreme pain with my back & legs due to my illnesses. Thank fully my pain medications helped a bit. My Daughter was crying with me because she didn’t like seeing me in pain as I try to hide it from my children but it got the better of me this time.

Next attraction was one of mine and my families all time favourites when we used to go when we were younger & that was Carousel Of Progress. Love this show & how it goes through all the different eras and I think it’s actually like a learning attraction for the kids. The ride/attraction broke down twice when we were on it. It is a show however you do move in a circle but only very slowly. I absolutely adore this attraction.

Next stop was the People Mover. This is like a tram that takes you around Tomorrow Land a bit. It’s usually much cooler on there and gives you a chance to rest your legs for a few minutes. Also you get a brilliant view of the park & Cinderella’s Castle so good photo opportunity if your fast, I was to slow to get a photo.

Next stop was Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin ride which we had a fast pass for. This is a perfect ride for kids. You shoot targets and you can spin your car round. So if you or anyone else loves Buzz you will definitely like this ride.

We then went on the Tomorrow Land Speedway. The kids loved it. Again we had a fast pass for it. From what I remember it was quite a slow ride but now it’s a bit faster in my opinion. It’s a speedway as the name suggests & you drive like go-karts around it.

Next stop and the next attraction we had a fast pass for was Dumbo. Such a classic Disney ride that you must do. It’s like a merry go round and you sit in Dumbo & can control going up and down yourself. This ride is based in Fantasy Land. They actually have 2 Dumbo rides now. Same ride though but I expect that’s to meet demand.

That was the last attraction we did that day and left around 4.30 ish due to everyone still being tired from all the travelling the previous day. On our way out we caught part of the Festival Of Fantasy Parade however when we went back we caught the whole parade.

Once we left the park we went to Walmart to get drinks, snacks etc. We then went back to the hotel & everyone popped out however I stayed in the hotel.

I had got quite sun burnt and due to my chronic pain & chronic fatigue I just wanted to rest, relax & sleep.

So thats the end of Day 2’s blog post. Below you can watch our vlog of day 2.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,


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