Blogmas Day 5- Who Will I Be Spending Christmas With.

Welcome to Blogmas Day 5. Well technically it’s Day 6 but as mentioned in the previous post I’m a little bit behind on Blogmas.

Today’s post is just going to be a very short post about who I’ll be spending Christmas with. Christmas is the time of the year when you spend plenty of time with your loved ones. We are very fortunate that we have a lot of family to spend Christmas with. I really do feel for those that are alone at Christmas and if I could have them all round to share Christmas with us I really would.

So i’m going to tell you who I’ll be spending Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day with.


Our Christmas Eve is always the same whom we spend it with. Obviously it’s spent with my partner, Son & Daughter but one of my Nephew’s was born on Christmas Eve so we always go & visit him for his birthday. When we visit him it’s him, 2 of my other Nephews & my Sister & Brother-in-law & usually my parents, brother, my neighbours whom are my sister’s mother & father in law & my uncle, auntie, cousin & second cousin are all usually there.

Wow, that’s quite a lot of people.


This Christmas Day is going to be different this year. We always spend Christmas Day at home, me, my partner, my son & my Daughter & usually my parents & Brother pay us a visit but my Dad is working most of Christmas Day so they won’t be visiting us this Christmas Day so I’m spending Christmas Day with just the 4 of us. In the morning after the children have opened their Christmas presents we visit the local cemetery where we visit my Nan, Grandad & 3 of my uncles graves & take some flowers over there for them all.


Again, obviously I’m spending Boxing Day with my partner, Son & Daughter. We are going to be making a lot of visits on Boxing Day so it’s going to be a busy one this year instead of our usual quiet ones. My parents & brother are coming to our house to visit us. We’ll be visiting my Grandad where there’ll probably be even more family around his house & then we are going over to my mother & father in-law’s house.

So like I said this is just a quick blog post.

Let me know in the comments who you spend your Christmas with.

Thank you as always for reading.

Until Blogmas Day 6,



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