My Beauty Advent Calendars- Day 6.

So on day 6 in my advent calendars I received the following:-

** SLEEK **

Mini eyeshadow palette in Gleaming In Gold.

This apparently was a limited edition eyeshadow palette therefore can’t find it online.

Not full size- worth £4.50.

** W7 **

A lipstick which can’t find online due to no shade name.

Not full size- worth £2.


** AMAZON **

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte finish liquid lipstick in the shade name 29 Nude York.

Full size- worth £8.49.


** NYX **

Matte lipstick in the shade name Fluff Piece.

Not full size- worth £3.50.



Pack of 2 Popbands.

Not full size- worth £2.40.


Solid Hair Bands


3ina lip primer.

Full size- worth £9.95.


* Price of all calendars- £270.

* Products worth today- £30.84.

* Balance from previous day- £135.29 in arrears.

* New Balance- £104.45.

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