Tattle Life- Constructive Criticism OR Destructive Criticism?

Hi all.

Sorry i’ve been absent for a little while but quite frankly I’ve just had so much on.

Today i want to write about online trolls. I myself these past few months have become a victim to trolling online from a website/forum called Tattle Life.

Tattle Life claim to be a site for people to commentate on and give constructive criticism about YouTubers, Instagrammars even celebrities. I can tell you straight away that it’s neither of them.

I first become aware of the website late last year after being told i was being spoken about on it. Of course curiosity got the better of me and I had to look and when I did look and read what they wrote about me I was absolutely disgusted & hurt. I naturally went on there to defend myself but got banned straight away. Why is it okay for the abhorrent things being said on there yet when someone goes on to defend themselves they are immediately banned? I don’t get it.

I was being discussed on a few threads called “Desperate Family Vloggers- The Gutter Crew” with a few other small YouTube channels. Even the thread title is derogatory. Not so long ago I found out I had 2 threads about just me on the private section of Tattle Life where only certain members are allowed to go.

The admin of the group called Helen and the moderators called Oohthedrama, Hatshepsut, Olivia Pope & Yel all go along with the mocking. How very professional.

It’s been no holds barred with what they’ve been saying about me as well as my kids. They sit on there all day & night belittling and mocking others. Who in their right mind talks about kids like that? Yes those at Tattle Life do.

I’m going to tell you some of the things they’ve said about me. It won’t be everything though, 500 screenshots would take me forever to write.

• They’ve insinuated that I have “a thing” for another YouTuber.

• Accusing me of neglecting my children.

• Judging my looks in a very disgusting and derogatory manner.

• Judging my personal hygiene.

• Someone on there and I know exactly who she is and it’s someone close not someone from the Internet went on there and doxxed me. This person by her comments would of had to of been in my house, much more I could say about this person, a lot more trust me, more to follow.

• Being called “it”, that I look like I have Autism & special needs & that I look non-binary.

• That I’m faking all of my chronic illnesses.

• Insinuated that I had a black eye.

• That i’m a drug addict.

• Calling me a troll which is hypocritical on their behalf being that they are on a trolling website.

• Saying I’m on benefits & committing benefit fraud.

• Calling me a dreg of society.

Oh the list is endless. I’d be here forever.

I wanted to take action over this & once I was doxxed on there I had to call the police. I had a couple of meetings with them and the cyber crime team are investigating Tattle Life. I didn’t think that was enough so I decided to start a petition to boycott Tattle Life. Honestly didn’t think it’d do well however it’s had over 21k signatures. I have full support from my MP and she’s passed it all on to the Home Secretary. I’ve also featured in the press too. Hope all of this works and action gets taken as they can’t keep getting away with this behaviour. It needs nipping in the bud before someone takes their life, is that what it’s going to take?

Anyway if you’d like to sign & share my petition you can below:-


Also on my Instagram I’ve posted a lot of proof etc on it. You can find my Instagram below:-


My advice- I’d AVOID Tattle Life at all costs!

Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time,



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